Former Fox Host Chris Wallace Shares Emotional Personal Announcement

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During a portion of his CNN show on Saturday, Chris Wallace passionately pleaded with Israel to fight the war in Gaza “without killing so many innocents,” claiming that the manner they are going about it is now “unacceptable.”

Wallace made an emotional plea on the show’s “Tell Me Why I’m Wrong Segment,” citing the deaths of seven World Central Kitchen volunteers last week, whom the IDF said it had mistakenly targeted with missile strikes.

Wallace revealed that his daughter had volunteered with WCK to feed Ukrainian immigrants, and he mentioned a personal connection to the organization and Chef José Andrés.

For six months, we’ve witnessed the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza strip, the IDF striking back at Hamas after it killed more than a thousand Israelis in that savage attack on October 7. For some, that’s the collateral damage of war; for others, it’s a slaughter that violates every rule of humanity.

Then, this week, the Israelis killed seven workers from World Central Kitchen, who are trying to bring food to Gaza’s starving people, striking their three vehicles in three separate attacks.

Now, let me be clear. The deaths of seven aid workers are no more tragic than the deaths of thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women, and children. But for me, this is personal. I’ve known José for years. A world-famous chef, he’s made it his mission to feed people in need as an act of love.

Two years ago, my daughter, Catherine, volunteered at World Central Kitchen to help feed Ukrainian refugees who fled to Poland. She’s the woman on the far right. And that man in the center, Damian Soból, who Catherine says was incredibly kind, he is one of the seven World Central Kitchen workers who was killed this week.

Now, I’m no military expert, and I know Hamas is hiding in a civilian population. But there’s got to be some way Israel can fight this war without killing so many innocents. Without killing people like Damian.

Sometime over these six months, continuing to fight this war this way became unacceptable.

Jacob Flickinger, Lalzawmi “Zomi” Frankcom, Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha, John Chapman, James Henderson, and James Kirby were also slain in the IDF strikes.


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