FOX NEWS IS GONE: Bret Baier Attacks Trump On Classified Documents

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Since the sudden halt of Tucker Carlson’s commentaries on Fox News, the network has taken a nose dive down the liberal media slide. As Fox viewers turn to other sources in their search for unbiased news, the attacks against the most popular candidate for president in 2024 by Fox are reaching new heights.

Former President Trump has never shied from participating in any debates and holds his own against accusations from haters, but Monday night Trump-hating FOX News host Bret Baier sat down with President Trump for an interview that was a series of attacks as Baier smeared the president from start to finish.

The current case against Trump concerning documents held by the former president at his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, has astounded Trump supporters and anyone who has been paying attention since numerous other current politicians has been found to be in possession of classified documents and, unlike Trump, were not in a position to declassify those said documents.

At one point during the Monday interview, Baier asked Trump about the “classified documents” he had declassified and was holding at his home in Mar-a-Lago. President Trump pointed out that Mike Pence and Joe Biden were holding classified documents illegally after they left office. Joe Biden was holding classified documents dating from his days as a senator and vice president in several locations and was sharing them with Hunter’s business partners for their illicit deals with foreign clients.

Bret Baier was NOT having it! Baier snapped back at Trump, “No he didn’t! He turned them over!”

Bret Baier completely ignored the fact that it was ILLEGAL for Pence to hold these documents at his home. And Baier forgot to mention that Pence told the media two months earlier that he did not have the documents, as Mike Pence told CNN in November 2022 that he did not take any classified documents with him when he left office.

Pence has been caught in a lie as in January 2023, two years after leaving office Mike Pence admitted to Congress and the federal government that he was holding classified documents at his home. He took the documents illegally with him when he left office in January 2021. As vice president, Mike Pence, like Joe Biden, could not take classified documents. It was illegal for them both to do so.

Joe Biden has been holding classified documents since 1974, since his days as a senator and then as a vice president. Reports are that some 1.850 boxes of documents were found in Biden’s possession, and this month NBC reported that the investigation into Biden’s possession of those documents is dragging on in Washington.

Biden has yet to be interviewed on the matter, and NBC has listed a number of Biden spokespeople who have “declined to comment.” Yet Trump has been pursued and harassed on the matter of documents in his possession that are normal for an ex-president.

Excerpts from the Monday interview have gone viral, as Baier took the opportunity to bring up points that he apparently saw as being damning to Trump.

Baier attempted to cast Trump in an unpopular light, quoting Trump in 2016 as he stated that he would “surround myself with only the best and most serious people” to which Trump responded that he “did do that” adding, “We had the best economy we ever had, the world has ever seen.”

Trump went on to tell Baier that he would appoint “strong people” in a future administration, even praising recent critic and former National Security Advisor John Bolton. “Actually, Bolton was good because every time I negotiated people said, ‘oh, they’ve got this maniac here he’s going to go to war with us’ he was actually pretty good in a certain way.”

Newsweek noted that when asked why he fired so many people that he had chosen as support in his administration, Trump responded to Baier “Because I hired 10 to 1 that were fantastic. For every one that you say, I had 10 that love us.”

Newsweek also reports that the latest Harris Poll, of 283 registered voters between June 14-15, put Trump at 53 percent, with Ron DeSantis trailing Trump at 17 percent and Trump’s former vice president Mike Pence at 6 percent.

Liberal media has attempted to spin the interview against the former president, but Trump held his own in the hostile situation. Baier pushed the controversial claim by Trump that he had in fact won the 2020 presidential election, saying that recounts had shown fraud in “fewer than 475 cases.”

Trump was fast to come back with “You know why? Because they didn’t look at the right things. They were counting ballots, not the authenticity of the ballot. The ballots were fake ballots,” Daily Mail reported.

Over the weekend Trump posted on social media, “Fox must get smart fast before it’s too late, Only Trump can save Fox News. It is in freefall!”


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