Fox News Just Banned One Particular Word From Being Said On-Air

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According to Tucker Carlson’s biographer, a word that was once used frequently on Fox News but has now been removed from the network’s programming entirely.

According to Chadwick Moore, the word in question is “Tucker.”

Carlson has been taken off the air for the past month, and Fox News has never provided an official explanation for why it made the unexpected decision to muzzle its highest-rated presenter.

Moore, who is the author of the upcoming book “Tucker,” disseminated his accusations on Sunday through a series of tweets.

“Fox News employees have told me privately that all on-air talent have been banned from saying the name ‘Tucker’ on air,” he said.

Moore claimed that the hosts on Fox News, especially Greg Gutfeld, were falling in line with the apparent directive to not mention the former host’s name on-air.

He also stated that the network did not allow authors to participate unless they were promoting works that were connected to the network’s corporate structure.

“This is FACT: Fox News has a new policy (aside from banning me): they won’t plug any book from a guest unless it was published by HarperCollins,” Moore said. “You can’t be a guest on Fox unless you’re a Fox author…it’s all so hilarious and grotesque.”

Carlson has given some indication that he intends to establish a Twitter-based version of his former show.

According to the Daily Mail, Patrick Feeney, who is handling work on Tucker Carlson’s farm in Woodstock, Maine, said that Fox News staffers came to the barn there that had been transformed into a studio during the epidemic and took away everything that it had paid for last week. The barn had been converted into a studio during the pandemic.

“They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything,” he said.

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“There’s no hardware in place at all. There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time,” Feeney said.

The Western Journal was told by a person familiar with the case that Fox News removed the equipment after establishing a custom studio at its expense, but that it did not pull down the studio itself. The source said that Fox News is the owner of the equipment that was removed.

According to Feeney, to the best of his knowledge, there were no urgent plans to make changes to the barn. In addition to his home in Maine, Carlson also has a property in the state of Florida.

“We just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again. There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen,” he said.


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