FOX News Launches ‘Silent Ban’ on President Trump

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Fox News doesn’t want voters to know about what President Donald J. Trump did in Ohio on Wednesday, which is a brilliant story full of irony, human interest, politics, and current events- and gives the network an excellent opportunity to assist a great humanitarian cause- and also to be top government watchdogs to an out of control government.

The woke ad agencies who dominate and direct all television media want to pretend there is no money in the intense public interest of stories like Ohio, and what Trump did there, and what Fox News ignored.

But there is proof right under our noses that they are foregoing genuine public interest for a political agenda to promote a specific narrative of politics.

This footage, for example, of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his brazen and callous remarks about the calamity in Ohio- went viral instantly, even while all of the BIG Tech powers try to suppress it:

But the “powers that be in the network” passed up the opportunity to be the champions of the American people like that, likely due to commandments from their advertising department- who most definitely do not believe the story of ‘Trump in Ohio, Biden overseas,’ would make them enough money from the sponsors of the network.

Trump’s remarks from the area got millions of views online:

Could it be possible that ‘woke’ advertising dollars could be directing our media overlords to pick and choose winners and losers at the ballot box? Yes. Absolutely- and we all know it. And they know we all know it, but the American people’s dependence on mainstream media, like Fox News, is a difficult thing to combat.

Jim Hoft reported on the obvious “Trump blackout’ for GWP:

“President Trump made a historic trip to East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday. Trump drew a larger crowd of supporters in East Palestine than Joe Biden has seen since he his inauguration.

President Trump announced the trip last week to inspect the damage of the massive toxic chemical explosion in the Ohio town.

Joe Biden and his lackeys, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, have not paid attention to this toxic environmental disaster. Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine this week after announcing the US would pay for Ukrainian pensions, but has ignored the people in Ohio and Pennsylvania exposed to the toxic chemicals.

If you were watching the FOX News channel on Wednesday, you likely missed Trump’s visit to East Palestine. There has been no major reporting on President Trump’s visit.

FOX News ignored the Trump visit the past two hours. FOX finally ran a segment after he left town.

Meanwhile, FOX News aired clips from Tim Scott’s speech in Iowa. WTH?

FOX News then ran an ad for a Governor Ron DeSantis special with Brian Kilmeade now playing on FOX Nation. FOX is playing favorites.

FOX News is not even trying to hide its Trump blackout.

The Spectator wrote about this development earlier today.

The Spectator reported:

It’s by now well-established that Fox News, the American media behemoth, is no longer on the Trump Train. Trumpworld’s union with Foxworld was never altogether easy and, ever since that fateful election in November 2020, it has fallen apart. Trumpists despise Fox for, as many see it, helping Joe Biden steal the election. And the top brass at Fox News have sought to distance themselves from the Trump movement and what they regard as its increasingly toxic politics. Rupert Murdoch has had enough of the Orange One, by all accounts.

What hasn’t been made entirely clear is the extent of the break-up. One senior Fox figure has let slip, however, that Donald Trump is effectively ‘banned’ from appearing on Fox News at present. He hasn’t been seen on the main channel since he declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential in November and other Fox sources have confirmed that there’s a reason Donald is not appearing on their network.

A source familiar with Fox insisted that ‘the network would never apply a ban on any presidential candidate’. No doubt that is true.

But, as another source with deep contacts inside the company put it: ‘Fox News digital will write about Trump and give him little phone interviews. But he has not been on the actual channel since he announced. Rupert doesn’t want him to win.’

Independent media ran with the Ohio story and thanks to updates from social media influencers like Donald Trump Jr., Americans were able to get the information anyway:

“Trump is on the ground in Ohio forcing the federal govt to act. Joe Biden is in Ukraine spending your taxpayer dollars to make the military industrial complex rich & making corrupt Ukrainian officials richer, & transportation sect Mayor Pete can’t be bothered yet… 19 days later.”

Later in the evening on Wednesday, Fox host Tucker Carlson did run with a story of great popularity after the word got out that there was no way to stop the flow of information to the American people online:

“Tucker Carlson Interviews John Rourke Of Blue Line Moving About President Trump‘s Visit To East Palestine, Ohio Today John: “That was a leadership that I saw today. I saw people standing on the streets screaming for this man. Chanting ‘USA, USA!’ I mean, it just gives me…”

Censoring important stories is not just something Big Tech does- it is something the corporate media does too. ALL of the media.  Entertainment, Sports, and News media is trying to create a vision and set a narrative.  They are not informing free people.

It is time to expose the decision-making process at these top ‘news’ agencies and figure out who is controlling the direction of the content and why.

Remember to spread independent media.


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