Fox Owner Rupert Murdoch Confronted Over Tucker’s Firing – Has 4-Word Excuse

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The media mogul Rupert Murdoch was seen in an altercation with a supporter of Tucker Carlson in a video clip that has recently reappeared on the internet. The tape captures an incident in which Murdoch denies having any influence in the dismissal of Carlson from his position at Fox News.

“Did you fire Tucker Carlson? Did you fire my favorite guy, Tucker Carlson?” the person asked. “Why’d you lie, Mr. Murdoch?”

I didn’t do it,” Murdoch responded.

See the confrontation here:

Given the powerful role that Murdoch has had in creating the landscape of the media landscape for decades, his denial should not come as a surprise. Murdoch, in his role as chairman of News Corp, the company that runs Fox News, has been at the epicenter of a number of issues and has frequently been the focus of criticism from those who have views that are in opposition to his.

Critics of Murdoch continue to be convinced that the media tycoon had a direct role in Carlson’s resignation. They argue that Murdoch’s personal leanings may have influenced the decision-making process of the network.

There was no shortage of reactions to Carlson supporter confronting Murdoch and his subsequent excuse that he didn’t have anything to do with firing the popular primetime hose.


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