Geraldo Gets Brutally Mocked After Announcing His New Job

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Geraldo Rivera has made a name for himself over the years with his sensational-leaning brand of reporting and is continuing in that vein, apparently.

Last month Rivera left Fox News after 23 years on the network in his usual confusing way, announcing from his boat on social media, “I’ve been fired from The Five, and as a result of that I quit Fox. So I’ll have more to say about that on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning, thank you.”

The somewhat backhanded statement from Fox followed, “We reached an amicable conclusion with Geraldo over the past few weeks and look forward to celebrating with him tomorrow on Fox and Friends which will be his last appearance on the network.”

In an interview with Associated Press, Rivera stated “It has been a rocky ride but it has also been an exhilarating adventure that spanned quite a few years. I hope it’s not my last adventure.” The AP interview referred to Rivera as the “lone liberal” on The Five, and the liberal Rivera may be seeking a forum with fellow liberals in a more comfortable liberal environment.

That new adventure seems to be arriving for the 80-year-old, who celebrated his birthday on July 4. The former Fox News host revealed that his next move was not permanent retirement but rather a return to the airwaves, at least for one day.

On Monday, Rivera announced that he would be sitting down with a group even more liberal than himself. He will be participating in conservative bashing on The View on Thursday presumably to talk about his former employer, his recent exit from the network, and his plans. He was excited about the invite.

Delighted to do @TheView Thursday. Wonder what they’ll ask me about.

Really? Not sure what the liberals on The View will ask you? The internet let up with suggestions and comments. Twitter users responded to the announcement by blowing up the former Fox News host. Some even wondered if he would be soon signing a contract with the View, noting Rivera would fit in with the current hosts on the show.

The View first aired in 1997, created by broadcast journalist Barbara Walters. who commanded the panel of broadcast journalist Meredith Vieira, lawyer Star Jones, television host Debbie Matenopoulos, and comedian Joy Behar. The premise of the show was combining an array of conservative and liberal voices from journalism, law, and broadcast with a comedian thrown in for entertainment.

After Walters’ exit from the show in 2014, the liberal slant and conservative hating have risen to amazing heights, with the panel now having degenerated to a lawyer/moderator, Sunny Hostin, and a group of entertainers such s the original comedian Behar, fellow comedian Whoopi Goldberg, and TV personalities Sara Haines and Ana Navarro with lone political strategist Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Griffin is a Republican and worked for the Trump administration, quitting her job in 2020 and being outspoken against President Trump. Her father reportedly would not attend her wedding due to her bashing of the president.

Navarro is also outspoken against Trump and said on the show. “I’m a registered Republican. I donate to Democrats who I think are better, I campaigned for Biden, I argue and call out the people who have lost their principles and who I think have lost their way in defending what I think are Republican values.”

Obviously, Navarro has her own definition of “Republican” and is definitely not a conservative.

Since the departure of Meghan McCain, the show has not had a true conservative on the panel, filling that slot with RINO panelists. Hostin, the moderator, has sparked conservative hate stating that women voting GOP is like “roaches voting for Raid.”

So, the show is not the hot-topic discussion panel that it was designed to be by Walters. Instead, it has become a voice of the left, and the many awards from the broadcast industry heaped on its head only serve to accentuate the bias and liberal manipulation promoted by the show.

Rivera, hot off his stint as the lone liberal, should be happy as a pig in the mud to be with fellow liberals and RINOS where they can sound off against conservative values with no one actually arguing the opposite.

The show personifies the personality of the liberal media, as it claims to be a venue for open discussion but never voices conservative values. The rise of internet conservative news including podcasts and other sources that actually discuss issues with facts is a testament to the fact that the general public is wise to liberal media and is looking for less slanted options.

Of course, the popularity of the show is a testament to the Americans who have bought the message sent by The View, that a panel such as this represents the full spectrum of American values, thoughts, and desires.


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