GOP Congressman Asks Why DoJ Told Trump Of Indictment Same Day Congress Busted Biden

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Donald Trump’s indictment came the same day that House members were shown a contentious Joe Biden “bribery” memo, according to the Make America Great Again (MAGA) Inc., who have questioned the timing of the move.

They stated in a tweet that it was no accident that President Trump was indicted on the same day that this news broke.

“Joe Biden allegedly paid $5M by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme, according to FBI document.”

According to Trump’s announcement on Thursday, Jack Smith, the special counsel looking into how Trump handled secret materials, has informed Trump’s attorneys that the former president is facing charges.

The accusation has not been corroborated by Smith.

According to reports, Trump will be charged on seven federal counts for stealing secret documents from the White House when he departed.

The choice to notify Trump of the accusations was made on the same day that the House Oversight Committee was given access to an FBI report regarding a bribery allegation made against Biden while he served as vice president.

The timing, according to Florida congressman Byron Donalds, raised questions.

Donalds, 44, a member of the House Oversight Committee, was shown the FBI’s “bribery” records on Thursday.

He tweeted: “On the day members of Congress learn from an FBI document linking then VP Joe Biden to receiving $5 MILLION from Burisma in a pay-for-play scheme, Biden’s DOJ announces another phony indictment of the leading candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination, Biden’s likely opponent, and the former POTUS.”

“This mob-like justice system is turning Lady Justice on its head and is the most significant threat to our democracy.”

“Stand with President Trump.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican and member of the House Oversight Committee, echoed Donalds’ indignation.

“Just today, I read the FD-1023 form from the FBI’s most trusted credible informant,” she tweeted.

“A detailed description of then Vice President Joe Biden getting paid $5 million to get Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired for investigating Burisma. Hunter got paid too.”

“Joe Biden has classified documents everywhere. Literally on the garage floor next to the garage door that opens and closes, but the corrupt and complicit FBI and DOJ do nothing.”

“It’s shameful. Pathetic really. Ultimately the biggest hypocrisy in modern day history.”

“A complete and total failure to the American people. A stain on our nation that the FBI and DOJ are so corrupt and they don’t even hide it anymore.”

The House Oversight Committee pressured the FBI on Wednesday to turn over papers that allegedly show Biden participated in a bribery scheme while serving as vice president. The FBI ‘caved’ into their demands.

The accord put an end to a standoff that started on May 3 after Christopher Wray, the FBI director, received a subpoena to turn over the document.

The committee was given permission to begin reviewing the file on Thursday, but only behind closed doors and inside a SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility).

With the exception of the committee’s head, James Comer, and the leading Democrat, Jamie Raskin, Wray originally refused to share the unverified material with anyone.

Raskin claimed it was unimportant when Comer emerged from examining the document and indicated it was unsettling.

Comer insisted that the material be made available to all committee members without any redactions; Wray objected.

Comer threatened to hold him in contempt on Monday. However, after Wray consented to let the entire committee view a file with redactions, Comer canceled the contempt vote.

Comer applauded the deal and boasted that Wray had ‘caved’ to his demands to permit examination of the FD-1023 data.

A longstanding FBI source who has been considered as reliable by both Republicans and Democrats wrote the Biden report.

The source describes an unconfirmed tip about Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine that was received in 2020.

A member of the Burisma board of directors was Hunter Biden.

“After weeks of refusing to even admit the FD-1023 record exists, the FBI has caved and is now allowing all members of the Oversight and Accountability Committee to review this unclassified record that memorializes a confidential human source’s conversations with a foreign national who claimed to have bribed then-Vice President Joe Biden,” he said. “Americans have lost trust in the FBI’s ability to enforce the law impartially and demand answers, transparency, and accountability. Allowing all Oversight Committee members to review this record is an important step toward conducting oversight of the FBI and holding it accountable to the American people,” he concluded.

A sensitive document has been redacted and is now available to all committee members.

It claims that a foreign national and then-vice president Joe Biden conspired in a $5 million bribery conspiracy.

On Thursday, Joe Biden called the accusations “malarkey” and denied them.

“Where’s the money? I’m joking. It’s a bunch of malarkey,” he said in response to the question shouted at him at the end of a press conference at the White House with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

On Wednesday, the White House claimed Comer lacked credibility and employed a “repetitive tactic of laundering thin innuendo.”

The White House claimed last week that Comer was pulling a prank to appear on Fox News.


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