GOP Rep. Jordan Makes Massive Discovery in Biden Investigation

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Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, chairman of the US  House Judiciary Committee, has lined himself up to be in a very powerful position in Washington DC.

Jordan claims to have wanted the position so he could fight the abusive and corrupt actions of the Federal government against the American people, and all appearances are that he is not backing down from pursuing investigations.

Many people are watching to see if Jordan will carry through and deliver the much-needed reforms to an out-of-control and weaponized government. And some people are skeptical that he really what do what is needed.

Thus far Jordan says he is continuing his investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden- even in the face of fierce opposition by the President and his administration to ignore the dirty deeds of the Biden crime family, as so many other DC insiders have done for years.

During a recent interview on Fox News, Jordan spoke with  Maria Bartiromo about the alleged FBI “whistleblowers” who have been provided House Republicans with new information on several of the issues that are before the Judiciary Committee for review.

The Ohio Republican also took the opportunity to talk about the Committee’s other top investigations.

“Tell me about the whistleblowers. How many whistleblowers are you interviewing and are they going to come public?” Bartiromo asked Jordan.

“We’ve talked to three of them. Those are the ones we’ve actually who were willing to come public and sit down for a transcribed interview. There are actually a couple of dozen others who are having been willing to come public. They have met with our staff. Our staff has interviewed them,” Jordan replied, adding:

“But if they’re willing to come public, then we’ll do what we call a transcribed interview, similar to a deposition which is under oath. And you ask them questions, you get the transcript and everything else. Three of them have done that, and we’ve learned some very valuable information from those three, like what I just described that Mr. O’Boyle told us about how that threat tag was used and actually began to be turned and go after pro-lifers.”

He went on:

“We’re going to focus on the attacks on the First Amendment and a number of areas there, whether DHS and the Disinformation Governance Board, what we saw from the FBI coordinating and colluding with big tech to suppress information and shape and mold the narrative, we’re going to look at all that.

We’re also going to look at this disparate treatment, this different standard that we see from the FBI, where they treat pro-lifers one way and then protesters a different way in other areas as well.

We’re going to kind of focus there and then we’re going to look to propose legislation.

And in the end, the real power of Congress, the real power of the legislative branch, is the power of the purse. And we’re going to have to use that both on all this issue where we think the government’s been targeting the very people it’s supposed to serve, but also, frankly, on the border, I think we’re going to have to look at ways to use the appropriation process to deal with the border situation, which is one of the other key areas the Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over.”


Last month, Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding documents and information regarding the Department of Justice’s probe into Hunter Biden, according to media reports.

Jordan expressed concern about the “appearance of a conflict of interest” by the DOJ in not appointing a special counsel for investigations into Hunter Biden.

“To date, you have declined to appoint a special counsel in this matter, despite appointing special counsels in other investigations. Your refusal to appoint a special counsel here is conspicuous in this context,” Jordan said in the letter.

“He also requested documents from employees in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware relating to the status of a special counsel for the Hunter Biden investigation, along with communications between employees of U.S. attorney’s offices who could bring charges against Biden. Jordan has requested the information by March 14 at 5 p.m. as part of the House Judiciary Committee’s oversight of the DOJ,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Jordan argued recently that there’s been a seismic shift regarding allegations against President Biden and Hunter Biden, Martin Walsh reported for Conservative brief, adding:

Jordan suggested “something is up” with the probe because of a new interest in the story by many of the same media outlets that initially dismissed reports of corruption evidence stemming from materials and emails obtained from a laptop he reportedly abandoned at a computer repair store in Delaware in 2019.

“Well, what happened to that is you had 51 intelligence officers sign a letter saying that this Hunter Biden story was Russian misinformation when it wasn’t, and that changed — I think anyone can make a credible argument that that altered the outcome of the election and we no longer have Donald Trump in the White House because he was doing that, he was pushing back on China for the first time. And now, we have Joe Biden there and it’s exactly the opposite direction,” Jordan said.

“It sure looks like Joe Biden was involved,” Jordan added. “So, my, how this story has changed. And now, we find out these text messages and emails that link the entire family, not just Hunter and Joe and — but also uncle, the — Joe’s brother, James Biden, is involved in this as well.”


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