HILARIOUS: Trump imitates Biden Getting Lost On Stage; Crowd Goes Wild!

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At a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday night, President Trump sparked laughter by imitating Joe Biden getting lost on stage and needing help from handlers.

“You would think at least one time he’d get up and say, ‘I’m running for president — where, where am I going, where the hell am I going?'” Trump joked, before stumbling around and frantically flapping his arms like Biden is frequently seen doing.

In his continued interpretation of Biden on stage, Trump added: “I want to get out, no, over there, over there.”

Then, when discussing Biden’s lackluster campaign announcement, Trump said that it was “a prepackaged video that took supposedly seven takes to get it right, if ‘right’ is what you want to call it. In it, he says he’s running because ‘Trump and MAGA pose a threat to democracy,’ can you believe it?”

Here is the clip:

An incredible side-by-side comparison was made:

Trump also stated that he would no longer refer to Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and would instead use the term to describe Joe Biden going forward:

Trump’s mimicry comes a day after Biden was spotted repeatedly asking for directions and how to leave the stage while roaming through the White House:

Summit News reported on the embarrassing situation taking place in front of the leader of South Korea and for the entire world to see America under the direction of a feeble leader:

Joe Biden spent the entire day Wednesday wandering around lost and constantly asking his handlers which way to go, while hosting the South Korean President.

Biden tried to hide the fact that he was again asking for directions as to how to get off the podium, and then wandered around aimlessly, not knowing where he was, like a patient in a nursing home:

And that wasn’t the first time he got lost and confused, wondering off in the wrong direction that day…

Later, during a dinner, Biden stumbled through a planned speech and once again had to ask how to leave the stage even though there was only one exit.

It’s laughable for Joe Biden to believe he’s fit to run for President of the United States again, when he has the worst approval numbers in history, including among those of his own party who were polled. This comes from his lack of accomplishments, no matter how he and his handlers try to spin his time in office as having been successful. The American people couldn’t disagree more, which will hopefully be reflected at the polls should there not be a repeat rigging like what we saw in the 2020 presidential election that got the country into this disastrous state in the first place.


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