Hillary Clinton Drops Unusual Admission On Kill Plot

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On a podcast hosted by Democratic election lawfare attorney Marc Elias, former Secretary of State and thrice unsuccessful presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued a chilling warning about former President Donald Trump.

Clinton stated that if Trump were to win the president again, he would “kill his opposition” or put them in jail in an interview for the “Defending Democracy” podcast.

According to her, Trump would prefer to use the same methods used by autocrats like Vladimir Putin to intimidate his rivals. She claimed that Trump looks up to powerful dictators that imprison or banish journalists and others who voice dissenting opinions about the government.

Nevertheless, despite almost total negative press coverage, including multiple media hoaxes and false reports about the former president, Donald Trump did not imprison any political opponents or authorize any assassinations while he was in office.


Put otherwise, Clinton is not relying on any historical precedent to support her harmful and divisive views about Donald Trump.

“Trump was like, you know, just gaga over Putin because Putin does what Trump would like to do: Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists and others into exile, rule without any check or balance,” Clinton claimed without evidence.

“That’s what Trump really wants,” she went on. “And so we have to be very conscious of how he sees the world because, in that world, he only sees strongmen leaders. He sees Putin, he sees Xi, he sees Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Those are the people he is modeling himself after, and we’ve been down this road in our, you know, world history. We sure don’t want to go down that again.”

Hillary Clinton persisted in worrying that Trump might win reelection. Without providing any proof to support her claims, she bemoaned the possibility that the United States would withdraw from NATO, a Cold War organization established to counter the Soviet Union’s communist threat. She also speculatively predicted that Trump would once again rule the United States government in an autocratic manner.

“Withdrawing us from NATO, not caring about what happens with Europe, the idea that he wants Ukraine to fail. The idea that he doesn’t want us to be able to surveil our enemies. This is a very scary prospect,” she said.

The claim that the Biden administration is attempting to imprison its political opponents is supported by a lot more evidence than one that would support a Trump government.

The Biden administration approved the FBI’s historic raid at Mar-a-Lago in September 2022, purportedly in search of records pertaining to the Crossfire Hurricane operation, which Hillary Clinton had instigated with the Steele dossier.

Because President Biden was cleared despite lacking the ultimate declassification authority that Donald Trump possessed at the time of the alleged infraction, calling himself a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” the Department of Justice unlawfully appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith to oversee a vengeful and selectively prosecuted case involving classified documents.

Since former President Donald Trump was cleared in the Senate impeachment trial, Smith is also in charge of an investigation that was likely conducted in violation of the Constitution on January 6. The pre-planned riot did not occur because of the president, despite what the mainstream media has been misreporting, and it happened in an environment of purposefully inadequate security, even though Trump had called for increased National Guard presence during the election challenges.

Additionally, a great deal of evidence suggests that the Biden administration, the Department of Justice, and Congressional Democrats worked together to pursue numerous criminal cases against the front-runner for the presidency in 2024, former President Donald Trump, in an effort to “jail” him.

In the Georgia “racketeering” case involving Donald Trump’s legal objections to the results of the 2024 election, the White House’s attorney, the partisan J6 special committee, and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis collaborated with her previous special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

Before the “hush money” investigation was made public, senior U.S. Justice Department official Matthew Colangelo was moved to Manhattan as senior counsel to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. This move raised grave suspicions that the Biden administration was conspiring to bring the criminal case and was meddling in elections.


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