Hunter Biden Blindsided With Unexpected Surprise In Court

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Hunter Biden was finally put into a corner and forced to give answers to the many questions about his shady finances. His baby mama from Arkansas made sure to tune in.

Lunden Roberts, the baby mama, gave the 53-year-old President’s son, Hunter Biden, an incredible surprise, by showing up to see him face to face as he is being overthrown for the first time in the many-year-long paternity battle.

The reporters at DailyMail were told that Roberts’s presence would turn up the heat on Joe Biden’s son, as Roberts’s attorneys would go on to badger him under oath about his suspicious income from top secret business deals with China, Ukraine, and others.

“Lunden has every right to be there – but it is highly unusual,” said a reporter at the scene.

“Attending Hunter’s deposition would have been a strategic choice and perhaps a head game. And why not? It’s harder for most people to be untruthful about a person in their presence.” the reporter continued.

Hunter’s deposition lasted almost eight hours before his large motorcade exited the Stephen’s building in downtown Little Rock at 4:20 PM local time.

The uproar of this case settled in 2019, but just last year, in 2022, Hunter suddenly asked the court to lower the $20 grand he pays per month in child support for he and Lunden’s four-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts

Thirty-two-year-old Lunden Roberts, refused to allow this change until Biden’s shady son would hand over a mass of financial documents, then sit for a videotaped deposition, which was supposed to take place at the Arkansas office of her Former President Donald Trump-supporting attorney, Clinton Lancaster.

Hunter, however, switched the venue to the Stephens Building, which was filled head-to-toe with Secret Service agents. He and his five-vehicle motorcade drove in just before 9am through a private parking garage.

Roberts, who formerly worked as Hunter’s personal assistant, silently drove in about five minutes after Hunter. She came into the same high-rise office for about seven hours on Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The pressure rises after Roberts petitioned circuit court judge Holly Meyer to send Hunter to jail for about six months on the grounds that he lied about his wealth. Meyer has yet to eliminate the contempt accusations.

During the first round of their four-year suit, Hunter had claimed that he was “unemployed and had no monthly income”, despite residing in a nearly twelve thousand dollar per month rental in Hollywood and driving a grand Porsche.
However, when he was ordered to disclose his financial records, he failed to do so over and over before finally agreeing to a settlement in 2019 that made him pay Roberts more than seven hundred fifty up to date.

Although he had already faced federal and congressional probes into his finances, Hunter, to everyone’s surprise, reopened the case in September 2022, stating that he had suffered “a substantial material change” in his finances.

Roberts wouldn’t have this, and went on further to change her daughter’s name to Navy Joan Biden, so then she could “benefit from carrying the Biden Family name.”

Through this, Roberts discovered everything from Hunter’s odd Ukrainian business deals to the unbelievable art lovers who purchased his mediocre paintings for hundreds upon thousands of dollars.

Finally, Hunter was against Navy becoming a Biden, saying that he wants his daughter to have a “peaceful existence” separate from the Biden drama.


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