Hunter Biden laid BARE! Nearly 9,000 photos from his laptop are published by right wing group Marco Polo

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We all knew Joe Biden’s son Hunter was a crackhead. Now it appears he’s a straight-up Biden-mafia street pimp. Maybe one day we’ll learn how much the Mexican drug cartels paid the family to look the other way on the border.

The conservative organization Marco Polo has posted over 9,000 pictures from Hunter Biden’s laptop online.

In addition to family portraits and candid shots from ordinary life, the 8,864 photos uploaded to also feature hundreds of pictures depicting the First Son using drugs and having sex with prostitutes.

The pictures include 7,032—mostly from Hunter’s MacBook Pro iPhoto app—1,832 from a backup of his iPhone XS, 428 ‘live photographs’ (short movies made on an iPhone), 674 pictures sent through text message, 579 screenshots, 40 pictures shared over WhatsApp, and 111 more.

The pictures range in period from 2008 to 2019. Geographic coordinates for some of the images suggest that Hunter shot pictures while traveling across the US, in Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Kosovo, the Dominican Republic, western China, London, Paris, Rome, and Belgrade.

The most graphic nudity in the disturbing photographs was erased by Marco Polo, along with account details from bank records, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private data.

Garrett Ziegler, a former member of the Trump White House staff, formed Marco Polo, which bills itself as “a nonprofit research group exposing corruption & blackmail.”

‘If the American people want to know what their first family is like, they’re going to get it. And we’re not going to be taking out photos that paint the Bidens in a good light,’ Ziegler declared.

But he also said that ‘redacting the genitalia’ from all the images took around two months. Such a family of repute. Actually, it’s disgusting.

Ziegler said that after eliminating certain pictures like “screenshots of Candy Crush games,” the collection his team shared last week included “98% of the photos on the device.”

Hunter with a hooker, according to his text messages
Hunter with a hooker. A paragon of virtue

The 645-page report on Marco Polo’s inquiry of the contents of Hunter’s laptop was one of the ex-Trump staffer’s incendiary writings that was released last October.

In the explosive report, Hunter is alleged to have committed 459 crimes, including prostitution violations, narcotics distribution and possession, fraud against public entities, unlicensed foreign lobbying, and money laundering.

It also said that Joe Biden participated in tax fraud, broke the Presidential Records Act, and exploited confidential data for financial advantage six times between June 2010 and December 2016 using emails and other documents stored on his laptop.

A Facetime video screenshot of Hunter and his dead brother’s (Beau Biden) widow with who he had an affair with, Hallie Biden
Hunter with some woman in a hotel.

Along with extracting and posting journal entries from Hunter’s sister Ashley Biden, Ziegler also posted more than 120,000 emails from the laptop on his website,

After a Marco Polo agent pretended to be a prospective ally of the First Son’s legal defense team in a text message exchange with Hunter’s Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, Ziegler incurred the wrath of Hunter’s attorneys.

Morris branded the participant a “f***ing moron,” declared, “I’m going to take all your money,” and “I know where you live” after realizing the prankster was, in fact, from Marco Polo.

‘You’re going to enjoy being a buttboy for 20 years buddy,’ read another text. ‘Lube up,’ and ‘I’m coming to get you.

This was taken while inside a Porsche going over 170 MPH! Crack!
This receipt
shows Hunter spent almost $18,000 at the clothing store Riflessi in New York City in 2018 and on a hotel room – How the Biden mafia lives!

In April, Morris filed a lawsuit against Ziegler and his nonprofit organization in a Los Angeles court, alleging harassment, violation of privacy, and “criminal impersonation.”

‘A right-wing extremist and provocateur who has made a reputation harassing people connected to President Joe Biden or his son, Hunter Biden.’ the lawsuit describes the 27-year-old.

Ziegler is accused by Morris of conducting a “harassment campaign,” uploading pictures of Morris’ family members on [Marco Polo’s] social media channels while making disparaging remarks about them, and publishing his personal information on social media, including property locations and phone numbers.

Morris alledges that ‘several of the right-wing extremists who follow Ziegler on social media and the Website made veiled threats of violence against Morris, called Morris, and even drove by Morris’ property.’

Ziegler called the case ‘utterly ridiculous’ and ‘false’ in a statement to

To the dismay of Hunter’s legal team, a lawyer representing Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter’s kid, has also retained Ziegler as an expert on Hunter’s laptop in her courts dispute over how much child support he should pay for their four-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts.

Clint Lancaster, Roberts’ Arkansas attorney, engaged Ziegler to assist in dissecting Hunter’s financial situation and support her in her demand for further funds from the First Son, who first disputed that Navy was his before a paternity test revealed otherwise.

Brent Langdon, Hunter’s attorney in the child support case, contended that Ziegler constituted a “security and confidentiality risk” if allowed access to Hunter’s private financial records and tax returns since she had “no work experience as an accountant or finance expert of any kind.”

Additionally, Hunter’s legal team has asked Congress to look into how Marco Polo acquired Treasury Department Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), which are being used as evidence by Republican legislators in their investigations into potential corruption in the Biden family.

Abbe Lowell, the First Son’s hotshot attorney, wrote to the House Ethics Committee and the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General in April to request an investigation into the former White House employee for allegedly violating banking regulations by disseminating the private reports.

The letter claimed that ‘Ziegler has used Mr. Biden’s SARs and other financial records to craft a false narrative that Mr. Biden is associated with a human trafficking ring,’

‘In his persistent and continued broadcast of this fictitious tale, Ziegler has called upon House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer to disseminate Mr. Biden’s private information to an even wider audience.’

Some of the SARs, produced by JP Morgan bank, describe how money from Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese firms flowed to accounts linked to him and other Biden family members.

According to other SARs, Hunter paid alleged pimps and prostitutes hundreds of dollars.


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