Hunter Biden Living At The White House To Avoid Getting Served

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While his baby mother goes on the offensive, Hunter Biden is rumored to be hiding out at the White House.

After failing to turn over his bank records as required in her case about support payments for their 4-year-old unnamed daughter, Navy, Lunden Roberts’ attorneys requested jail time for the first son in an Arkansas court on Friday. Lunden Roberts is a former stripper.

By not submitting “one single item or word [of] discovery,” according to Roberts, Hunter, 53, is “flaunting the dignity and authority of the court.” Roberts also said “This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders.” 

Hunter, 32, requested a reduction in his monthly support payments last year after Roberts, 32, had to take a paternity test as per a court order to prove that Navy was his.

Garrett Ziegler, a rival of Biden’s, has also been called as a witness in the trial, which is scheduled to begin in July.

The 644-page investigation of Hunter’s infamous laptop was published last year by the organization Marco Polo, which was founded by the 27-year-old former Trump aide and identified hundreds of alleged offenses.

Hunter’s “sugar brother,” affluent Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, is suing Ziegler for alleged harassment and violation of privacy.

Morris generously paid off Hunter’s $2.8 million IRS debt, which is connected to a federal criminal probe of the first son’s international business transactions by the US attorney in Delaware, David Weiss.

Last Monday, a veteran IRS criminal supervisory special agent who has been looking into Hunter for three years came up with allegations that federal prosecutors are blocking the president’s son from being charged with any taxes.

In a letter to Democrats and Republicans in charge of several congressional committees, the whistleblower’s lawyer, Mark Lytle, said that “preferential treatment and politics [are] improperly infecting decisions” in the case.

The story in Washington, DC, that Hunter has been residing at the White House with his second wife, Melissa Cohen, and their 3-year-old son, Beau, reportedly to escape being served with legal documents, has more support because to Roberts’ legal maneuvers in Arkansas.

Hunter and his family have been sighted following his father and the first lady onto Marine One for short getaways to Delaware or Camp David as well as for longer holidays at the rented mansions of billionaires, according to many sightings over the previous six months.

Hunter traveled to Ireland with his father last week as part of a state visit.

It is challenging for a process server to reach him because he is surrounded by his father’s Secret Service detail and is being guarded by his own agents.

Since early last year, the president has walked back to his office from Marine One via an ornate swing set fit for a kid on the White House grounds.

There might potentially be additional Biden family members living in the White House on tax payer money.

When Naomi Biden, 28, married Peter Neal on the South Lawn in November, the New York Times stated that the couple “live at the White House, according to two people familiar with their living situation.” Naomi Biden is Hunter’s eldest child with ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

On the second and third levels of the Executive Residence of the White House, there are 16 guest rooms, 35 bathrooms, and a separate guest kitchen. The family can also enjoy the on-site gym, bowling rink, and private theater.

There is space for the entire Biden family, including the 12 members of the immediate family that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said last week were making money from selling influence abroad.


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