If You Hear ‘Code Brown’ Over The Speaker At Walmart, Leave Immediately

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Do I stand alone in seeing a coded message being broadcasted through the intercom in a retail establishment, and thereafter contemplating the possibility of an imminent occurrence of an extraordinary nature? Perhaps they observed me “evaluating” the grapes to ensure their quality?

Regardless of the circumstances, it is advisable to be familiar with some covert terminology used in their internal communication system, as these announcements may not just target the personnel for security purposes. Certain products are designed for consumers and have the potential to protect you from danger.

In order to assist other mothers and families in ensuring their safety during shopping, Common Cents Mom has compiled a comprehensive list of the different codes that should be paid attention to while visiting our nearby Walmart stores in Colorado.

Common Sense Moms aided us in deciphering these covert codes by presenting us with the four distinct code classifications. They possess universal codes for general discussions, such as spills and the like, customer assistance, sales and reductions, and most notably, emergency codes that require special attention.

Although codes may consist of numbers, letters, or words, the crucial aspect to focus on is the colors, as they indicate the severity of the intercom messages.

Ideally, you won’t hear these codes broadcast at Walmart, but in the event that you do, you’ll at least be aware of what they indicate and how to respond to them.

Code Black: Severe Weather
Code Blue: Bomb Threat
Code Brown: Active Shooter
Code Green: Active Hostage Situation
Code Orange: Chemical Spill
Code Red: Fire
Code White: Injury/Accident

I’ve been a Walmart customer for as long as I can remember, but I never realized that something as basic as responding to a color code over the speakers may actually save my life. Moving forward, I will undoubtedly be paying much more attention to it.


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