Inhuman Hunter Biden Blindsided By Dad’s Own Team With Plan To DESTROY Him

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According to reports, aides to President Joe Biden and Democratic Party officials have differing opinions on the electoral ramifications of Hunter Biden’s legal counteroffensive.

According to eight individuals who are closely associated with President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden’s assertive legal approach is viewed differently by Biden’s advisers and Democratic strategists in terms of its impact on the president’s electoral prospects for reelection, as reported by Politico.

According to a former campaign assistant from 2020, certain White House personnel are “irritated that he’s being more aggressive, because he is not clearing the tactics and the strategy.” According to Politico, other assistants are worried that Hunter Biden’s legal strategies are drawing more attention to his international business activities and personal controversies.

According to a source close to Hunter Biden’s legal team, he regularly provides his father with updates on his legal actions, and his legal advisors notify the White House in advance of any significant legal determinations.

Hunter Biden and his legal team have full authority over the legal proceedings, including the recent endeavor to get court approval for subpoenas targeting former President Donald Trump and former officials from Trump’s Department of Justice.

According to Politico, it has been claimed that Biden campaign staff members are unfamiliar with Hunter Biden, and the first son has previously made big media decisions without seeking advice from his father’s aides. According to Politico, a 2019 New Yorker profile and an interview given by Hunter Biden with “Good Morning America” were seemingly done without any input or direction from Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

In September, Hunter Biden was formally charged with three federal firearms offenses related to his acquisition of a handgun in October 2018, a period during which he was struggling with drug addiction. During the arraignment on October 3rd, he entered a plea of not guilty to the counts related to the possession of a firearm.

Hunter Biden, together with his legal representatives and the White House, refrained from providing any comments to Politico.

Special counsel David Weiss is now conducting an investigation into the tax affairs of Hunter Biden. Weiss’ inquiry into Hunter Biden was tainted by the testimony of two IRS informants who accused the Department of Justice (DOJ) of granting preferential treatment to the first son before Weiss was appointed as special counsel.  

“We’re not playing for a tie,” a close associate of Hunter Biden informed Politico. “We’re playing for setting the record straight, and accountability for those who have harmed him.” 

According to Politico, a confidant of Hunter Biden has stated that Hunter Biden’s legal team objects to Democrats “sacrificing” him as a political pawn for their own convenience.

“Intentionally or not, they’re betting on the political expediency of sacrificing Hunter,” Hunter’s friend explained. “The greater good is served by accountability and vindication, and not by acquiescence to political prosecution and the effort to dehumanize him.” 

Hunter with a hooker. A paragon of virtue

In July, Hunter Biden entered a plea of not guilty to two tax violations in Delaware. Initially, it was anticipated that he would enter a guilty plea. However, District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika raised concerns about a provision in the pretrial diversion agreement that grants immunity to the prosecution. This provision is connected to the plea offer.

Hunter Biden has filed civil cases against the IRS and other former Trump officials who were involved in the distribution of his abandoned laptop collection. In November 2019, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley provided testimony stating that the FBI had confirmed the genuineness of the information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In an August letter, Abbe D. Lowell, the defense attorney, recommended that Weiss examine the IRS whistleblowers as well.

In September, the House Ways and Means Committee disclosed papers that corroborate the testimony of the IRS whistleblower. Weiss and other officials from the Department of Justice (DOJ) have provided testimony to Congress, corroborating significant claims made by the whistleblowers.

According to Politico, supporters of Biden are of the opinion that Hunter Biden’s assertive legal approach in countering his political adversaries has the potential to earn public support. According to the site, certain aides have the belief that the political situation around Hunter Biden remains unchanged as long as Joe Biden is exonerated from any misconduct.

“The American public likes to see people fight back,” stated Jamal Simmons, former communications director for Kamala Harris, in an interview with Politico.  “People who fight for themselves tend to get the benefit of the doubt from the public. And I actually think that probably does help the president in the long run.” 

The House Oversight Committee is currently examining the international business activities of President Biden’s son as part of the impeachment inquiry.

Comer presented bank records on November 1st that revealed the transfer of Chinese funds to Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden in August 2017, which subsequently led to a $40,000 payment from Sara Biden, Joe Biden’s sister-in-law. The payment of $40,000 from Sara Biden is officially categorized as a loan reimbursement, and the White House maintains that it indeed constitutes a loan payback.

In a letter addressed to Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, Lowell stated that Hunter Biden is willing to provide public testimony before the Oversight Committee in December.

Comer promptly declined Lowell’s proposal and firmly demanded that Hunter Biden provide testimony in both private and public settings. On November 8th, Comer issued a subpoena to Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden, compelling them to appear before the committee.

The Oversight Committee issued supplementary subpoenas to numerous former business colleagues of Hunter Biden.


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