Insider Reveals Sickening 2-Word Name Biden WH Has For Trump

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The platform of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign was returning “decency” to the White House.

Insiders, however, have disclosed that Biden’s White House staff has a very bad culture.

Politico just disclosed to Fox News that a number of Biden’s associates had a very repulsive nickname for President Trump.

The site was informed by White House insiders that Trump’s aides call him “Hitler Pig.”

According to the publication, Nick Fuentes and Trump had a meeting at Mar-a-Lago, which is when the ugly nickname originated.

Fuentes was the guest of Kayne West, who had invited the rapper to supper at his resort in Florida.

As the media alleged, Trump had not extended a direct invitation to Fuentes.

According to the publication, Biden’s “generally younger, more digitally native” assistants use the name.

Politico’s West Wing Playbook revealed through four insider sources in the White House that some of Trump’s advisors and staffers call him “Hitler Pig.”

“According to the four people who were granted anonymity to speak to West Wing Playbook about the term’s usage in Biden world, it started in late 2022 after Trump invited Nick Fuentes, an avowed white nationalist, and Holocaust denier, to dinner at Mar-a-Lago along with the rapper Kanye West,” the report read.

The outlet reported that the insiders gave an explanation for their belief that Trump’s moniker is utilized within the White House.

“Calling Trump ‘Hitler Pig’ is not so much an attempt to inject some levity into private conversations as it is a way to characterize what Biden aides see as one of Trump’s most outrageous behavior patterns, the four people all said,” the report states.


Although the president’s usage of the name has not been verified, other stories suggested that Biden frequently refers to his predecessor with foul language.

Social media users ridiculed Biden and the White House for permitting the usage of such an offensive and derogatory moniker within the administration.

“Only the best of the best in our administration,” one X user wrote.

“What happened to, ‘if I see or hear you treat anyone with disrespect, I will fire you on the spot’.”

Another X user wrote:

“The staff of the great ‘uniter’ again show their true colors. So tolerant.”





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