James O’Keefe Launches New Media Group After Project Veritas Ouster

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This week, James O’Keefe, who founded and led Project Veritas since 2010, launched a new business venture.

In announcing the launch of O’Keefe Media Group on Wednesday, O’Keefe promised to surround himself with “the most elite journalists in the world.”

In February, Project Veritas’ board of directors stated that they wanted to make things right with O’Keefe, but that he would not receive contact from them after the incident. O’Keefe was accused by the board of directors of misusing large sums of donor money and violating the bylaws of the organization.

“The irony of the ACORN story is that it took a 25-year-old with a hidden camera a few days to do what billion-dollar networks and journalists could not do in a decade,” he explained in his organization’s launch video. “I spent 14 years creating the most effective non-profit newsroom this country has ever seen.”

“And in paving the way to establish citizen journalism, I have been defamed, arrested, raided, and ultimately removed from the organization I spent so much time developing credibility of,” he added. “I always knew they would try to ruin the reputations of those who expose them, the pharma giants, the three-letter government agencies, and those who I thought I could trust.”

“Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confirmed Monday his title as the CEO of guerilla journalism group has been “stripped” and that he had been “removed” from its board of directors following weeks of internal strife,” Fox News reported at the time of O’Keefe’s ouster.

“I don’t know why this has happened now or why this is happening suddenly right now,” O’Keefe told staff on Monday in a video shared publicly by Project Veritas.

O’Keefe, who founded Project Veritas in 2010, acknowledged to staff that he had not “always been a compassionate leader,” which he admits is a “fault” of his, but boasted his work ethic and how he was never “slowing down.”

“So what has changed in the last three weeks?” O’Keefe asked. “The only thing that has changed is that we broke the biggest story in our organization’s history… with 50 million views.”

O’Keefe was referring to the explosive expose from January of a man described as Pfizer director of research and development Jordon Trishton Walker telling an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company was exploring plans to “mutate” the COVID virus themselves through “directed evolution.”

“And suddenly, just a few days after that… an unusual emergency happened,” O’Keefe said. “On Thursday, February 2nd, that’s a few days after the Pfizer story, I was informed by an officer of Project Veritas on the phone while en route to the airport that he would resign unless I stepped down as CEO. We’ve been having a conflict of visions, him and I, over fundraising… They were tactical disagreements about the boldness of approaches soliciting donations.”

As a result of what occurred, O’Keefe said he was “going to build an army of investigators and exposers,” adding that a “sleeping giant” was “awakened.”

“I’m back. Remaining by my side are a small, tight-knit group of the most elite journalists in the world,” he announced. “Exposing corruption requires standing up to power because power hates sunlight. We are sunlight. Welcome to the O’Keefe Media Group, where we will never be shut down because not only do I own it, but you own it, too. Support us and sponsor our army of journalists by becoming a founding member today.”

As we reported, “Steve Bannon, the host of the War Room, played O’Keefe’s farewell and then declared ‘War’ on the people behind outing O’Keefe.”

And even though O’Keefe has been pushed back a bit, he reported not giving up his long-time work. Media reports show that O’Keefe has plans to move on from the very confusing actions of the Veritas Board of Directors.

O’Keefe is known for his determined pursuit of the most powerful culprits in government. In a recent video, O’Keefe even joked about his dogged pursuit of Dr. Anthony Fauci, demanding that the US Government address the nation’s COVID concerns.

During O’Keefe’s tenure, Project Veritas gained prominence for undercover journalism and government whistleblowers. Its reporting has affected Pfizer, The New York Times, CNN, ABC News, Facebook, and Twitter, among others.

Aside from the recent Pfizer expose, Project Veritas also uncovered a number of controversy-provoking hot mic moments, including Amy Robach’s leaked hot mic moment when she revealed ABC News “quashed” her Jeffrey Epstein investigation during the 2016 election year and leaked CNN editorial calls which revealed top bosses decided not to cover Hunter Biden during the 2020 election.

“O’Keefe has become an icon in conservative circles, drawing big crowds around him at events like CPAC and Turning Point USA conferences,” Fox added.

In 2021, O’Keefe and other Project Veritas journalists were subjected to unprecedented FBI raids regarding the alleged theft of Ashley Biden’s diary, which O’Keefe had obtained a copy of in 2020 but chose not to publish since his group could not verify its authenticity. O’Keefe maintained that he and his group were innocent of any wrongdoing.


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