January 6 Committee Members Facing Criminal Charges

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Representative Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) of the United States has proposed that members of the House January 6 Committee may be referred for criminal prosecution if they destroy records.

Since they released their conclusions, Loudermilk has been looking into the partisan committee’s actions, which broke with over a century of House tradition when then-GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was not allowed to choose opposition members.

Loudermilk disclosed last year that the committee had deleted text messages, documents, and other types of records. Despite directives from newly elected House Speaker McCarthy to keep all records pertaining to the probe, this was carried out.

Earlier this week, Loudermilk hinted that the House would soon be writing criminal referrals for former Representatives in an interview with John Solomon of Just The News. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and others.

“As far as holding people accountable, yes, they should be,” Loudermilk said. “But I think that’s going to be a little ways down the road, because there is so much more information that we need to get. And we need to build not only this, to get the truth out to the American people, but see just how big this case potentially is for obstructing.”

The Georgia Republican added that if the members are protected from prosecution, other actions, such censorship or referrals to the House Ethics Committee, are also on the table.

“We also have to look at what other options are. There’s also censorship, ethics, obviously. But also consider there are members of that select committee that are no longer members of Congress. So they may fall under a different scenario. So we do have the tools of members of Congress, but also active members of Congress have certain protections,” Loudermilk said. “So we’ll have to work on that because as you talked about earlier, we’re in uncharted territory right now.”

The January 6 committee gave the American public a lot of false information by hiring a Hollywood producer to liven up its primetime hearings. The committee once played testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former Trump assistant, who stated that when the protests turned violent, Trump tried to take the wheel of a secret service car and drive back to the Capitol. Secret Service agents have fully refuted this notion.

Additionally, the committee selectively used video evidence and omitted information indicating that the violence was started by police using crowd control weapons against nonviolent demonstrators. The American public was not shown this film; instead, 14,000 more hours of material were withheld in favor of selected portions.



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