Jeanine Pirro Burst Into Fit Of Rage LIVE on ‘The Five’

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Fox News commentator Jeanine Pirro criticized President Joe Biden, referring to him as a “wuss,” due to his management of the Iran-backed drone assault in Jordan, which resulted in the deaths of three U.S. soldiers.

“We have this crisis in the Middle East but it feels like the crisis is in the confidence of our own president, there’s a crisis of confidence going on right now,” stated Greg Gutfeld during Tuesday’s episode of The Five.

“And there has been for a while, Greg,” Pirro exclaimed. “The truth is, the man just does not project — he doesn’t project confidence, he doesn’t project strength, and we all see it, which is why we always have anxiety every time he comes out.  But the bottom line is, you know, when Trump killed [Qasem] Soleimani, that was the end of it. They didn’t respond. They knew Trump was serious.” 

Liberal Jessica Tarlov interjected, “They did! Two service members were hit by a missile and died after Soleimani.”

“It was a missile attack but it didn’t start a World War!” Pirro smacked back. “If we go after — everyone is saying what Biden is saying, ‘I don’t want a World War, I don’t want to make a bigger war!’ He is such a wuss on the world stage! He signals everything that he is afraid of.”

Pirro and Tarlov subsequently recalled the casualties incurred abroad over the tenures each the Trump and Biden eras.

“Three people died a few days ago and two people died when Trump was president. Those are pretty comparable numbers,” Tarlov expressed.

“What are you talking about?” Pirro shot back. “We’ve got 120 people injured since October 17!”

“OK, and you’ve got 65 service members that died during the Trump administration,” Tarlov replied, adding, “Talk about that!”

“Wait a minute! We are in the middle of a war in the Middle East. Don’t minimize the Americans being attacked!” Pirro said. 

“I’m not! Well, then talk about the 65 service members who died under the Trump administration!” Tarlov answered.

“Wow,” Pirro said, expasperated.

After more banter, Tarlov went on, “I am just not for acting as if it was completely fine in this period and it’s an abject disaster in this period.”

“I never said that, Jessica,” Pirro answered.

“You did, two seconds ago–” Tarlov said. 

“We went after the leader, Soleimani. There was not the reaction that it would start a World War. Just like all this guy talks about, ‘We don’t want a larger conflict!’” Concluded the victorious Pirro. 



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