Jill Biden Loses It On LIVE TV When Asked One Question She DID NOT Want

OPINION:  This article contains commentary which may reflect the author’s opinion

As November 2024 draws near, the Biden family seems to be in full panic mode. First Lady Jill Biden clashed with CBS on Wednesday in an interview that revealed the latest polling on President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

As the election season heats up, CBS host Tony Dokoupil brought up fresh polling data from The Wall Street Journal, indicating that Joe Biden may be lagging in important battleground states.

The First Lady swiftly refuted the idea, stating that the president was not only maintaining his position but also demonstrating signs of progress and even taking the lead in certain areas, regardless of the results of the polls.

“No, he’s not losing in all the battleground states! He’s coming up and he’s even or doing better!” Jill Biden asserted, firmly pushing back against the prevailing narrative of a struggling campaign.


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