Jordan: Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Alleged Biden Bribery Scheme for Impeachment

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Republicans who are ready to proceed with impeachment against President Joe Biden are at odds with each other as to the procedures in the matter. Some are ready to full steam ahead, as others believe crucial care should be taken with the steps involved to ensure impeachment succeeds.

This past week Rep. Lauren Boebert’s full-speed-ahead approach was slowed by a call from others to approach the process with care. Concerns by Republicans that this attempt be successful are driving a careful effort.

Wayne Dupree comments:

After shocking revelations from IRS whistleblowers, Jim Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, reaffirmed his calls for the appointment of a special counsel to look into the alleged Biden bribery scheme. In addition, the Freedom Caucus member stated that impeachment was “on the table” following Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) official introduction of the articles earlier this week.

The main lesson from last week, in my opinion, is that the Justice Department has not changed, Jordon told Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo of Fox News. “John Durham told us how terrible it was, that Crossfire Hurricane was a complete fabrication. He informed us that they had obtained incredible intelligence that proved the Clinton campaign was behind the Trump-Russia narrative.

He continued by drawing a comparison between the DOJ’s inaction in looking into the Bide family’s business dealings and the FBI’s decision to launch the Trump-Russia investigation despite a lack of compelling evidence.

Consider this: David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in Delaware, can handle the case however he sees fit because the attorney general promised to take a “hands off approach.” However, David Weiss later requested special counsel status and was denied. If this case doesn’t merit special counsel status, for goodness’ sake, I don’t know what does, Jordan said.

As a result of the seriousness of the accusations made against the Biden family by longtime IRS employees, he added that impeachment is “very much on the table.”

IRS whistleblowers have revealed that Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf warned Hunter Biden about an impending search of his storage shed, which may have held evidence of the family’s financial schemes. The House Judiciary Committee may soon call Wolf to testify, according to Jordan.

Jordan stated, “We want to make sure we get the chance to speak with this Lesley Wolf, this assistant U.S. attorney who was handling this case in Mr. Weiss’ office down in Delaware.

Jordan’s call for a special council halting Boebert’s privileged motion is applauded by Republicans who want to make sure every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted in the impeachment process.

The Hill reported that Senator Lindsey Graham spoke out that due process must be observed so as not to result in the effort to impeach Biden for being “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

Graham pointed out during an appearance on The Hill on News Nation that Republicans are noting that Democrats did not give former President Trump the right to due process during the impeachment proceedings against him in 2019 and 2021, and he does not believe anyone should be impeached without a hearing being held.

Graham noted that the impeachment against former President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s went through a process that allowed him to defend himself. Graham stated that this impeachment proceeding against President Joe Biden must follow all protocols, so as not to echo the Clinton or Trump proceedings.

“It’s important we follow the process, and if you believe that President Biden has done something this impeachable, take it through the committee, give him a chance to respond, and we’ll see what happens,” Graham said.

Other Republicans, such as Boebert, are eager to impeach quickly, not just Biden but other members of his administration, including Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R- Ga.) has introduced articles against all of them, as well as the U.S. attorney for the /District of Columbia, Matthew Graves.

Boebert reportedly informed Speaker Kevin McCarthy and a few others of her intentions, but her failure to inform many of the GOP that she was introducing the articles of impeachment irritated some of the more careful-minded Republicans, Greene among them.

The New York Post reports that Greene scolded Boebert over her actions, ” I’ve donated to you, I’ve defended you. But you’ve been nothing but a little bitch to me,” Greene reportedly told Boebert. “And you copied my articles of impeachment after I asked you to cosponsor them.”

Greene had introduced articles of impeachment against Biden in May, but not with the procedural measure to force a vote.

There is a difference of opinion among Republicans over the exact charges to be used in the impeachment, some believing the border crisis should be used while others believe that HUnter Biden’s business dealings and the payoffs to Joe Biden from China are the more serious charges and therefore should be the basis for any impeachment.


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