Joy Behar Makes Damaging Admission About Trump LIVE On ‘The View’

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Co-host of “The View,” Joy Behar, has recently drawn criticism on social media for her comments regarding the Colorado Supreme Court ruling and its ramifications for the late President Donald Trump. Online critics have taken issue with Behar’s answer to a tweet, saying, “The law must defeat him.”

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision, which many have read as an attempt to keep Trump from seeking office again, is what sparked the debate. Behar’s remarks have been interpreted as supporting legal strategies to disqualify Trump outside of the voting process.

“Joe, the ballot box can’t compete with the third party candidates who will take votes from Joe Biden,” Behar wrote. “And let us not forget the electoral college. The law must defeat him.”

Joe Walsh, in his original tweet, conveyed his concerns with the verdict. Although he believed that Trump engaged in insurrection, he acknowledged that Trump has not been officially convicted, which raises doubts about the legitimacy of using this as a justification to prevent him from holding office.

“The best and ONLY way to defeat Trump is at the ballot box, not to kick him off the ballot,” Walsh wrote. “Defeat him at the ballot box. That’s what’s best for the country.”

Behar’s retort to Walsh, proposing that the legal system should be employed to vanquish Trump, has garnered substantial censure. Behar’s past assertion that a Trump primary triumph would result in a Democratic victory makes the current reaction particularly noteworthy.

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