Judge Issues Sinister Move Against Trump Regarding Son Barron

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On Monday, the jury selection process for the former president Donald Trump’s criminal trial began at the courthouse located in Lower Manhattan. A former US president and likely contender for the next election, this was his first criminal trial.

Trump vented his annoyance in a candid address today, following Judge Juan Merchan’s warning that going to his son Barron’s high school graduation could land him in jail. The order is a component of more stringent measures put in place in the wake of Trump’s continuing legal disputes.

“We had some amazing things happen today. As you know, my son has graduated from high school. And it looks like the judge will not let me go through the graduation of my son, who’s worked very, very hard,” Trump stated. He described the situation as a continuation of what he called a “scam trial” and a “political witch hunt.”

“It’s a scam trial. If you read all of the legal pundits, all of the legal scholars today, there’s not one that I see that said this is a case that should be brought or tried.” The former president also linked this prohibition to a critical upcoming event, adding, “In addition, as you know, next Thursday we’re before the United States Supreme Court on a very big hearing on immunity.”

Judge Juan Merchan decided that the contentious “Access Hollywood” tape, on which Trump made obscene remarks about women, could not be played to the jury. This has already added drama to the trial. Testimony from others supposedly connected to Trump, such as a model who says she had an affair with him, has been permitted, nevertheless. Additionally, prosecutors want to punish Trump for allegedly breaking a gag order.


“I’m not in Georgia or Florida or North Carolina, campaigning like I should be, it’s perfect for the radical left Democrats. That’s exactly what they want.” The former president concluded his remarks by calling the situation “about election interference,” a claim he has made repeatedly in various contexts since the 2020 presidential election.

On Monday, a number of Trump’s fundraising committees—some of which only produce quarterly reports—will make their first financial disclosures in a number of months. Trump’s main source of funding is joint fundraising committees such as the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee, which according to Politico raised $129 million in 2023 and benefited both his leadership PAC and campaign.

The amount of money these committees spend on fundraising is an important point to keep an eye on. For instance, last year, Trump’s main small-dollar fundraising organization spent $48 million on operations; 62 percent of its donations went to its affiliates, while 71 percent went to President Joe Biden’s main committee, according to the site.

The Trump National Committee and the Trump 47 Committee will also be filing reports for the first time on Monday. These organizations, which include the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign, have the capacity to accept greater donations, which may draw sizable contributions. More financial details about Trump’s campaign, his leadership PAC—which has been shelling out millions for legal bills—and the primary super PAC that backs him will also be revealed by the filings on Saturday.


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