Judge Smacks Down AG Letitia James – TRUMP WINS!

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On Monday, a New York judge denied an attempt by New York Attorney General Letitia James to have the $175 million bail judgment that former President Donald Trump received during his civil trial reversed, ruling instead that it will stand.

James’ lawyers argued on Monday that the court should overturn Trump’s $175 million verdict in his civil fraud trial without a jury. James questioned if Knight Specialty Insurance, the business that posted the substantial bond, would be able to cover it should it become necessary.

However, the court ruled against James and maintained the bail, according to Fox News.

The court decided that the $175 million had to be paid in cash, not in mutual funds or securities, the value of which could fluctuate. Knight Insurance was ordered by the court to maintain control over the account, but they were not allowed to exchange or move the funds.

The court further ordered that Knight Insurance provide James with a monthly financial statement reflecting the $175 million in cash and concluded that Knight Insurance could not change the terms of the arrangement without the court’s approval.

The hearing on Monday lasted approximately sixty minutes.

Trump’s lawyers are appealing New York Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision, which found Trump guilty of fraud and mandated that he pay $454 million.

A $454 million verdict was lowered to $175 million by an appeals court while Trump contested Engoron’s ruling.

If Trump is not successful in his appeal, the former president may be held accountable for the entire $454 million in debt. That way, James might be able to take possession of his real estate.

New York Attorney General James asked the court presiding over Trump’s civil fraud case to set aside the $175 million bond that a surety business had provided on his behalf, expressing doubts about the firm’s reputation and the bond’s sufficiency.

On behalf of Trump, Knight Specialty Insurance Company (KSIC) issued a $175 million bond on April 1. According to the site, this bond protects his properties and assets from possible seizure in the wake of a $464 million verdict (plus interest) in a lawsuit alleging he overstated the worth of his assets in order to obtain better loan terms.

Not long after KSIC posted the $175 million bond, James, the person who brought the civil fraud lawsuit against Trump, expressed doubts in a court document about its sufficiency. Trump’s legal team responded by saying the business has enough funds and collateral to support the bond.

James disputed the allegation in a court document dated April 19, raising a number of points to counter KSIC’s declaration. She asked Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court, the presiding court, to declare the bail “without effect” and order the posting of a replacement bond within seven days.

Trump’s hush money trial is due to start in Manhattan on Monday, and Engoron has set a hearing date for arguments in the case of April 22.

The Epoch Times added:

In response, President Trump’s lawyers filed a motion on April 15 asking the judge to dismiss Ms. James’s objections to the bond, while laying out a series of arguments why they believe the surety to be valid.

President Trump’s counsel pointed out that there’s no legal requirement for a surety company to be an “admitted carrier” in New York State to provide the bond.

They also argued that the company is well-capitalized, with over $539 million in assets, $138 million in equity—plus having access to over $2 billion in assets and $1 billion in equity.

In addition, Trump has stated unequivocally that he has nothing to conceal and would be more than happy to “tell the truth” if asked to testify in his hush money case.


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