Justice Clarence Thomas Could Be Sidelined Under Controversial New Supreme Court

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Beloved patriot, Conservative Republican, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who should be the left’s hero based on his pigmentation and level of success- alone- has faced nothing but violent and psychopathic resistance from the Marxist left.

And the push against him serving the country from his position of authority is again attacked by two groups of deceitful anti-America activists dressed up as lawyers and watchdogs.

The truth is the left has never accepted American independence or the emancipating of free citizens from an authoritarian style of Government and they have never stopped pushing for more control over American liberty.

The groups’ message, while crafting a code of ethics for the Supreme Court and their family members to abide by sent directly to Thomas, is clearly to get himself and his Conservative wife under control, or they will both face humiliation and Maoist CCP-style denunciation rallies for their conduct against the Marxist left.

We can expect authoritarians to use the tools of tyranny; none of this is a surprise. This story raises the question further of how very well-funded non-profit conduits can possibly channel foreign money into US elections and into our valued institutions, such as the Judicial system.

Consider if these legal moves, clearly targeting Thomas and his family, are just another usurpation of the American Republic.

A move to transform the nation’s highest court continues with yet another power grab by two leftist Non-Profit- Non-Government Organizations,  who both insist that the system of Government in the United States of America is a “Democracy.”

Notice that even when you explain to the left that they are wrong about how our system is designed to function, they use lawfare to push forward their utopian demands that we change to be a Democracy one day.

And here are two leftist groups doing just that:

Listen to how a leftist media at WBUR couches the newest move to bring Thomas into submission to the left after his decades of being independent of the Democrat plantation:

“Finally, somebody has tried writing a Supreme Court ethics code, though not the court itself. The justices reportedly have discussed the subject but apparently have not reached any agreement on what, if anything, to do about it.

However, two groups have written what they call a model code of conduct for the Supreme Court. And it’s getting generally favorable reviews. The groups are the Project on Government Oversight, a nonpartisan, independent government watchdog, and the Lawyers Defending American Democracy.

Their effort follows an increasing drumbeat of criticism aimed at the court for perceived ethical lapses and failures to deal with them. Most recently, the American Bar Association passed a resolution calling on the justices to adopt a binding code of ethics and urged other bar associations around the country to pass similar resolutions.

The proposed model code of conduct and accompanying commentary couches its objective in modest terms — to offer a proposal for further discussion and for the court to consider. While its recommendations are based on the already existing code of conduct that applies to lower federal court judges, the proposed Supreme Court code goes much further.”

Oh yes- finally the left has resorted to their authoritarian ways to control Thomas, a Black American man who dares be a Conservative Patriot, married to a Conservative patriot.

America should be fuming.

Martin Walsh reported more details for Conservative Brief:

Outside groups have introduced a new proposal for the U.S. Supreme Court to adopt a new “model” ethics code that could thrust Justice Clarence Thomas further into the political limelight.

“The proposed guidelines from so-called independent government watchdogs Project on Government Oversight and Lawyers Defending American Democracy would put in place ‘more stringent guidelines for recusal.’ The guidelines would be so strict that if they were in effect last year, it may have prevented the high court’s eldest Republican-appointed justice, Thomas, from participating in a case involving the release of Trump administration records to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Such a provision would clearly have forbidden Justice Clarence Thomas from participating” in the 2022 case, NPR’s Nina Totenberg reported Thursday.

The outlet added:

Thomas was the single dissenter when the rest of the court refused former President Donald Trump’s effort to block those records from disclosure, materials that later revealed Thomas’s spouse communicated with top Trump White House officials, showing her calls for them to take actions to block certification of the 2020 election results that cemented President Joe Biden’s victory.

The 27-page “Model Code of Conduct for U.S. Supreme Court Justices,” published March 9, mentions the word “spouse” a total of 14 times and highlights on page five that “certain conduct by a spouse or other close family members of a Justice would require that Justice to recuse,” according to a copy reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

While the report does not mention justices or their spouses by name, its greatest impact could be leveled at Ginni Thomas, a prominent conservative activist, and attorney. Under the code, justices and their close family members would be barred from “exploiting the judicial position” and “engaging in political” activity that presents the appearance of partisanship, Walsh wrote.

“Spouses are mentioned 12 times in the current code for the lower court judges,” Fix the Court founder Gabe Roth told the Washington Examiner. “Two things can be true at the same time: One, there is value in having an ethics code that the justices can measure their behavior against and the public can measure the justices’ behavior against. Two, it can be sort of operationally difficult to have a code without having some enforcement mechanism if the code is violated.”


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