Kari Lake Epically Flips the Script On CNN Host During LIVE Interview

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When a CNN interviewer asked Kari Lake hypothetical questions about what she would have done or would do as vice president, she refused to allow the questions get to her.

The senatorial candidate from Arizona spoke with members of the mainstream media as part of a plan to broaden the scope of her campaign, which will depend on support from sources other than conservative media. But Lake soon discovered that CNN was actually just interested in knowing how she would have handled 2020 election certification had she been President Donald Trump’s veep.

“These are crazy. This is like a hypothetical going forward and a hypothetical going backward. I’m not going to entertain that,” said Lake. “What I will entertain is talking about going forward, and going forward when we get an America First president and some great leadership in the Senate and a majority, we’re going to do great things for the American people.

”Having failed to trip up Lake, the reporter persisted in questioning her on how Arizona addressed legal challenges to her unsuccessful bid for governor in 2022.

Unable to trip up Lake, the reporter continued probing about her stance on how Arizona handled legal challenges to her failed 2022 gubernatorial campaign.

“We had major problems in our election, and we’re really working to resolve those problems. We still have some court cases,” she said.

A third attempt to question her if she had been told not to discuss the 2020 election and the irregularities that President Trump claimed prevented him from winning a second term was then thwarted by Lake.

“No. The 2020 election, I think it was a rigged election. President Trump… I believe it was,” she added.


Although polling is close, Five Thirty Eight indicates that Lake is currently leading her most likely opponent in the general election, Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), by 4 points. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), the current leader, will not be competing in the election after declaring last week that she would not run for office again.

Arizona will be a major factor in deciding who controls the Senate and the White House. The state has followed the national blue trend, with President Joe Biden barely defeating Trump in a state that had supported Trump just four years earlier in 2020. The margin gained by the Republican in the majority of other battleground states is currently 7 points above Biden.

Arizona’s southern border has also seen an increase in unauthorized border crossings, which will effectively turn this year’s U.S. Senate election into a referendum on Biden’s handling of the immigration situation. Rep. Gallego has been attacked by Lake for not supporting comprehensive immigration reform, and it has been implied that, like most Democrats, his ultimate goal is to extend citizenship and voting rights to all 9 million recent migrants.

Senate Republicans are publicly endorsing Lake’s candidacy, counting on a victory to secure a majority the following year. She has benefited from several well-known endorsements and attracted national notice after the former chairman of the Arizona Republican Party tried to remove her from the campaign.




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