Kari Lake’s Attorney Drops Atom Bomb

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While Kari Lake was being brutally attacked for her comments made during an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored this week, her attorney was on a different show dropping fact bombs of evidence, proving her claims Morgan said she was wrong for.

Piers Morgan engaged in a confrontational exchange with Kari Lake, a previous candidate for the Arizona gubernatorial position, regarding her persistent assertions regarding the alleged theft of the 2020 elections.

Morgan invited Lake as a guest on the Wednesday episode of his show to engage in a discussion regarding the recent sentence of individuals involved in the events of January 6th, which included members affiliated with The Proud Boys. Lake contended that the events that transpired on January 6 were not indicative of an insurrection.

“If it had been the other way around — if Donald Trump won that election, beaten Joe Biden and these were Democrats, hundreds of thousands of Democrats storming the US Capitol to try and stop that election being ratified with zero actual evidence of any election being stolen… I can absolutely bet my house that you would have come on this show and argued the complete opposite,” Morgan said.

“If the November 3rd election would have been rigged and stolen the way it was against the Democrats, I would be appalled as an American,” Lake insisted.

“This isn’t about Democrat, Republican. It’s about the way that election was run,” Lake said, insisting that there is still a mountain of evidence to prove that the election was stolen.

Lake would go on to imply that perhaps the news wasn’t reaching the UK.

“The evidence is coming out and I know it’s probably not being played in the UK, but it is coming out every day. More and more evidence is coming out about how bad 2020 was. The polls are showing that the majority of Americans now believe that the 2020 election was wrought with fraud,” Lake claimed.

Morgan responded in an attacking manner saying, “No they don’t! That’s complete nonsense,” he said with a laugh. “Oh, Kari. As we would say across the pond, that is an absolute whopper.”

Meanwhile, turns out the proof is on Lake’s side and perhaps the joke is on Piers Morgan for jumping to conclusions that she’s lying about the stolen election when he himself didn’t have the evidence on his side that Lake does.

Lake’s attorney, Kurt Olsen, was in a televised interview the following day with the facts: “We found evidence of malware put on the printers used at 223 vote centers & those printers are what caused the Election Day chaos…”

“There were over 7,000 ballot rejections every 30 minutes, beginning at 6:30 AM all the way through 8:00 PM when the polls, even after the polls closed…”

“That’s over 200,000 ballot rejections on a day when there were only 248,000 votes cast.”

Lake told Morgan the day before that 81% of Republicans, 60% of independents, and 44% of Democrats think the election was stolen, to which he fervently disagreed.

“Majority of Americans in every poll I’ve seen do not believe that the election was stolen. You know why? Because it wasn’t stolen,” Morgan said.

“I don’t think you follow election integrity. I think what you want to do, like Donald Trump, you want to fuel the sense that every time you guys lose a fair election, it’s unfair and rigged and stolen — every time you win, it’s the purest example of efficient working democracy imaginable. That’s really what it boils down to,” Morgan said.


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