Karine Jean-Pierre Gives Says She’s a ‘Historic Figure’

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Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, recently told reporters covering the White House that she is a “historic figure” who “cannot fail.”

This past week, Jean-Pierre spoke with theGrio, a media outlet that claims to be “focused on the African American community” and to promote “black culture.”

Karine Jean-Pierre was interviewed by Gerren Keith Gaynor, a White House Correspondent for theGrio, for a piece on the website headlined, “Karine Jean-Pierre talks having ‘swag’ and the hardest job in the White House.”

Jean-Pierre told Gaynor, “Ron Klain, the former chief of staff, used to say to me, ‘You have the hardest job in this building.'” She added, “It is not for everyone.”

Gaynor wrote, “Speaking for the president sometimes includes defending him and his record when challenged by the press or others. Though it’s a position one could easily find daunting, Jean-Pierre acknowledged that her confidence, or as theGrio puts it, her ‘swag’ in the role has grown over time.”

In the laudatory piece, Jean-Pierre is quoted as saying that she “often spends hours preparing for briefings with her team of 12 staffers and Biden-Harris administration officials to craft messaging to White House reporters and, by proxy, the American people.”

Jean-Pierre affirmed that she deserves the title of “historic figure.”

“This is a historic administration,” the White House secretary proclaimed. “I’m a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day,” Jean-Pierre added.

As the White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre claimed she represents “the black community, the Caribbean community, and the LGBTQ community,” adding, “And it is incredibly important to me that I do that well.”

Jean-Pierre said of the LGBTQ community, “This is a community that we love, and we make it very clear that this is a community that we’re going to fight for.”

In a subsequent cordial conversation with a White House reporter, Jean-Pierre asserted that she “cannot fail.”

You are fighting every day, April Ryan, a second White House reporter for theGrio, said Jean-Pierre. How do you fight while maintaining your composure as others try to ignore you and make you feel as though you shouldn’t be there?

“Because I have to,” Jean-Pierre retorted.  “I have to. We are so stereotyped. And I cannot fail. It’s not an option.”

“It is so important for black women to lead. It is so important for us to be in those positions. It’s so important for people, other people, to see us in those positions,” Jean-Pierre said at the “Black Women Lead” conference on Wednesday, according to The Hill.

The LGBTQ community, according to Jean-Pierre, is “literally” under attack.

“There’s a lot of things happening in this country, a lot of things. It is unprecedented. It is scary,” she said. “We are in Pride month where the LGBTQ+ community is under attack, literally. We just mentioned all the communities that I represent: black, queer, immigrant, and it is tough. It is tough being at the podium and having to talk about these issues that affect everything that I am.”

Jean-Pierre claimed, “Some people come up to me crying. Some people come up to me and just say thank you. I don’t even — some people even say I don’t even know what you say at the podium but just seeing you it’s just amazing. It’s the pride. It’s the pride. It’s the pride and never thinking we would get here.”


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