Kayleigh McEnany Drops MAJOR Trump News LIVE On Fox

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Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany asserted that her former employer, Donald Trump, possesses the “moral authority” on the matter and attacked President Joe Biden for his insufficient response to the widespread anti-Israel demonstrations occurring on college and university campuses across the nation.

McEnany contrasted the former president’s forceful handling of the eruption of protests and violence last week on Fox News’s “Outnumbered” show with Biden’s sluggish and belated reaction. She added that she wished to stop hearing accusations of “anti-Semitism” from the right.

“This is a problem of the left. Joe Biden hails from the left. He is a Democratic president. I’m sorry, but I give him no credit today. Zero credit today. I like to give Biden credit where credit’s due. Not today,” began McEnany. “So Biden speaks today because, politically, the moment demanded it. But what did he have time to do over the last nine days?

“Take issue with the effort of Florida to protect unborn babies. He went to the White House Correspondents Dinner. He did a campaign event in D.C. and a campaign event in Delaware. He found time for all that. He even went on Howard Stern. He found all the time in the world for that. But he couldn’t speak out about this,” she continued.

She continued:

You don’t get credit for that. And then about a minute into his speech, which, by the way, only lasted about a minute or two — so, yeah, clearly not prioritizing this — about a minute or two to speak. He says this is not a moment for politics. It’s a moment for moral clarity. Well, it’s not a moment for politics. Then why have you treated it so politically?

Here’s the sad part. The press will let him get away with this. If Donald Trump had delivered those exact same remarks in the exact same timeline, the White House press briefing room would be at a fever pitch…We would be asked, “Do you denounce the support from any anti-Semitic protester?” And unless we denounced every young person in the country, that wouldn’t be enough. And then we would be asked, “Will you pull their student loans?” If we didn’t answer, there would be a ferocious roar from the White House press corps.

“As Donald Trump said, Joe Biden is the moral authority for this country. Has he acted like it? No. He’s led from behind,” McEnany concluded. “The former president has been the moral authority on this issue, not the current one.”



A subset of 2020 voters who said they were tired of Joe Biden “gaslighting” them on the economy and other topics last month said they would support former President Donald Trump this year.

One person, simply known as “Omar,” took part in a focus group of “undecideds” who met earlier this week to discuss the 2024 election and the variables impacting their choices to vote, according to The Daily Wire. He appeared to share the group’s views on Biden, particularly with relation to the status of the economy.

They were asked to contrast the state of the economy under Joe Biden’s administration with that of Donald Trump during the discussion. Interestingly, every single one of them said that they felt like they had it better under Trump.

The next question posed to the focus group was, “Are you pretty much decided that Trump’s policies would be better for the economy, or is there anything Joe Biden could do or say between now and the time you vote that would make you feel differently about feeling that his policies would not be as good for your family on the economy?”

First to speak, one of the women expressed her opinion that Biden didn’t seem to be taking the time to really address the economy.

“I feel like he doesn’t even take accountability for what’s — at all, with what’s going on. And not even accountability, like he’s in denial that it’s happening!” she said.


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