Lara Trump Shares Huge News

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Lara Trump, the new co-chair of the bloated Republican National Committee and a former first daughter, revealed that the party had its “largest fundraising weekend” since her father was still in the White House following the firing of numerous staff members.

Without former President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee has struggled to raise money for the past three years. As a result, former chair Ronna McDaniel resigned, and Michael Whatley, the head of the North Carolina Republican Party and a Trump friend, was hired as chair and Lara Trump. It seems the RNC has turned the corner now that the Trump family is back in control.

“I am proud to announce that last weekend the @GOP had the largest digital fundraising weekend since 2020. Much more to come…we are just getting started!” Lara Trump hinted on X.

“I think that the change in leadership at the RNC has really inspired a lot of people to give,” Lara Trump stated in a follow-up interview with Newsmax that was brought to attention by the Post Millennial. We had the best fundraising weekend since 2020 over the last weekend, and that should tell you everything you need to know.

“I think the RNC’s leadership change has really inspired a lot of people to give,” she continued. People have a great deal of faith in the group. This morning, I personally composed an email to be sent to individuals around the nation requesting money.

“People understand, this is a must-win election and I think they’re very confident in the team we now have between myself as co-chair and Michael Whatley as chairman.”


In an effort to reduce staff and realign its strategy toward aggressive fundraising during an election year, the Republican National Committee (RNC) said on Tuesday that it was letting go of over 60 employees in its political, communications, and digital divisions. Now that he has amassed enough delegates to guarantee the GOP nomination, President Trump’s campaign will effectively combine with the RNC in order to optimize all outreach and internal and external procedures.

Whatley and Lara Trump were chosen in part because of their unwavering commitment to election integrity initiatives. President Trump and Christina Bobb, the newly appointed head of the RNC legal department, both support these causes, and Bobb will oversee the RNC’s election integrity initiatives through the 2024 elections.

Lara Trump stated that “legal ballot harvesting” and the Republican National Committee’s “Bank Your Vote” campaign, which aims to increase Republican mail-in voting, will both be beneficial in this year’s elections.

“We’ve been playing checkers, and the Democrats have been playing chess. Unfortunately, we don’t have one day of voting, we don’t have paper ballots, we don’t have voter ID everywhere. So we have to play the hand that we’re dealt,” said Lara Trump.

This is “something that has never been done by the RNC, but I can promise you will be a huge part of what we’re planning to do.”

“And then come Election Day, and you’ll see that, I think, it’s not just about having poll watchers. It’s about having trained poll watchers and lawyers at locations around the country as necessary. And these are people who will be trained and able to physically count how many ballots are coming in. And how many ballots are going out,” she added.


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