Late Night Legend Jay Leno Gets Devastating News – Please Pray!

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According to the Daily Caller, former late-night anchor Jay Leno has assumed more responsibilities as a result of his wife’s chronic medical issues.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court awarded Leno guardianship over his wife, Mavis Leno, a sign that the 77-year-old’s health is rapidly deteriorating. According to PEOPLE Magazine, Mavis received a diagnosis of “advanced dementia” in January. Leno’s wife’s court-appointed attorney, Ronald Ostrin, stated that Mavis is “getting excellent care with her husband, Mr. Leno,” and that they are “in agreement” with the conservatorship.

According to Jay, the conservatorship’s goal is to assist in creating “managed assets” that might continue in the form of a foundation in the event that he also dies, the outlet continued.

“I think she’s in the least restrictive environment. I think she’s in very good care with Mr. Leno,” a judge stated at the proceeding before telling Jay Leno, “Everything you’re doing is right… I totally understand this is a difficult period.”

The judge acknowledged that Jay is “fit” to continue the responsibilities and that Mavis did, to the best of her ability, “consent” to the conservatorship.

The 73-year-old Jay Leno said the judge he was now assessing the best course of action for managing the couple’s joint assets.

The neurologist treating Mavis, Dr. Hart Cohen, attested that Jay is “such a nice man and treats [Mavis] like gold,” which supports the court’s ruling even more. According to PEOPLE, he also called the former TV presenter “a standup guy” whose “private persona matches the public persona he projects.”

Ostrin continued, saying that worries regarding Mavis’ capacity to handle court processes on her own were heightened by the recent decline in her mental state. He stated she “has a lot of disorientation, will ruminate about her parents who have both passed away,” and that she “sometimes does not know her husband, Jay, nor her date of birth.”

The source also stated that Jay and Mavis Leno, who have been married since 1980, were most recently spotted out and about last week at the Hollywood Improv comedy club in WeHo. Long-term, affectionate, and supportive, Ostrin described their connection, saying that Mavis sees Jay as “her protector and she trusts him.”

While doing stand-up comedy at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles in the 1970s, the former “Tonight Show” host got to know his future wife. Leno’s hesitation was previously detailed by Mavis, who said he “wasn’t very good at dating.”

“I always had this idea that I would never get married,” Mavis told PEOPLE in 1987. “But with Jay, I began to realize that this was the first time I was ever with someone where I had a perfect, calm sense of having arrived at my destination.”

Following their marriage in 1980, Jay joked, “Not screwing around is a huge key. You can do a lot. You can leave your underwear on the doorknob for the rest of your life if you don’t screw around.”

“I always tell guys when they meet a woman, ‘Marry your conscience. Marry someone who’s the person you wish you could be and it works out okay,’” he added.




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