Left Launches Full Attack On New Fox Target Who’s Set To Replace Tucker

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Leftists haven’t even finished taking their victory lap celebrating the firing of the news nemesis Tucker Carlson before they set their sites on a new target at Fox News. The claws are out and they won’t stop until they take another popular primetime host out who is favored to take Carlson’s spot.

The obvious choice for Fox News to replace Tucker Carlson at 8 p.m. is Jesse Watters. A portion of viewers practically pretend to forget that “The Five” co-host and the network’s most popular host was abruptly fired thanks to the co-host’s sense of humor and properly conservative viewpoint.

So what’s their plan of attack? The tried and true tactic of accusing him of being a racist.

The host was “slammed for saying he ‘can tell’ who is an ‘illegal immigrant’ just by looking at them” on the show Tuesday, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Of course, this isn’t a complete account of the situation; Watters and the panel were talking about the surge of migrants into New York City when Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott started busing them there during a border crisis hurting his state.

The Title 42 pandemic protections will expire on May 11 along with the pandemic emergency itself, making the border crisis much worse. With Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams arguing that Abbott is targeting “black-run” towns with the transit plan, the debate about busing illegal immigrants to big cities from the border has already turned racially charged. This is true even if such cities may be their final destinations.

On Tuesday’s show, Watters said, “I saw on the way into work an illegal immigration family digging through the trash looking for recyclables.”

Watters’ liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov immediately responded by asking him how he knew they were in the country illegally.

“You can tell,” Watters quipped, before saying, “I can tell! I’m a city guy. You don’t want me to get into it, but I can tell.”

Turlov was likely trying to incite an argument on air, questioning her co-host’s alleged bias. She did get the reaction she wanted as leftists suddenly emerged in droves online to hop aboard the racist claims train.

Is it egregiously racist to believe that Watters, who has lived in the city and is familiar with the neighborhoods where many of the bused migrants reside, could have some unique insight into the situation? Is it illogical to infer that they weren’t admitted based on that plus the fact that they were searching through the trash? It’s important to note that Watters said, “it’s the saddest thing to see because they’re not able to work here. They came to work, but they’re not able to work here.”

““The point is this: you have to be able to choose the people that come into the country based on needs. If you need this type of person, bring them in. But to just say everybody come in and then, oops, you know, now people are looking for a five-cent bottle, that’s not right. And you can’t blame the guy down in Texas for that. Joe Biden is the common denominator for all of this,” he went on to say.

This is true, once more. However, the left will not pay attention to all of that, just as they have never paid attention to everything that Tucker Carlson says. Instead, they picked bits and pieces from his act and frightened people with them. He was a stooge for Putin! A propagandist for the “Great Replacement Theory!” A racist who is white! And now, even though no one on the left (or the right, or anyone, for that matter) thinks that’s the reason he was dismissed, out-of-context excerpts from his text messages are being used to support that.


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