Left Melts Down After Fox News Chyron Gives Biden a Jaw-Dropping Label

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In response to his arraignment, former President Donald Trump gave a speech at Bedminster, New Jersey, on Tuesday night. Of course, PBS News added insane chyrons to Trump’s speech.

Trump’s comments were a careful dissection of a few of his potential counterarguments for his case. However, while PBS broadcast his speech, chyrons went across the screen warning viewers that “violent rhetoric has escalated in online forums and far-right militia groups since Trump’s federal indictment.”

They also showed another that said, “Experts warn that inflammatory rhetoric from elected officials or people in power can prompt individual actors to commit acts of violence.”

Although Joe Biden tried to incite rage against millions of Americans during his “red speech” in Philadelphia, PBS lacked such chyrons.

Instead, Biden portrayed millions of MAGA supporters as a threat to the Republic’s basic core.

Despite the fact that Trump made no comments that suggested violence, the chyrons from last night appeared to be an attempt to malign him. Due to their bias, certain liberal media outlets, including CNN and MSNBC, didn’t even broadcast the speech live.

Fox happened to be one of the networks to broadcast it live, but they too experienced a chyron problem that is sending the left into a tailspin. Even though Fox and Trump haven’t been on speaking terms, it appears that whoever created the chyron had a purpose in mind.

Trump claimed that in the issue with the confidential documents, Hillary Clinton lacked the authority to declassify anything.

As Trump was speaking, Biden began his Juneteenth speech at the White House.

Fox News showed both Trump and Biden in a side-by-side shot with Biden’s audio muted.

The chyron underneath the side-by-side shot read, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.” The chyron ran shortly before 9 o’clock as Trump was speaking.

If Biden was attempting to overshadow Trump’s words during his Juneteenth speech, he failed because those remarks received a tiny fraction of the attention that were made by Trump. Even the sound from his statements was not played by Fox.

People on the left were enraged by it. They weren’t incensed about the insanity of the PBS chyrons but were instead angry about what showed up on Fox News.

Some claimed that Fox should no longer receive briefings from the White House or that its sponsors should stop working with them.

Keeping journalists out of the briefings would just exacerbate the issues the White House currently faces with the American people over transparency.

“Last night a Fox chyron called Biden a “wannabe dictator,” with the network today calling it inappropriate. “Let’s use appropriate language,” cautions
@AsaHutchinson. “We have differences in policy, but that doesn’t always make the person on the other side an evil person,”” CNN’s Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour posted.

The far-left group Occupy Democrats had this to say in a lengthy screed:

BREAKING: Fox News runs a jaw-droppingly dangerous chyron in its coverage of Donald Trump’s federal indictment that absurdly claims that President Biden is a “WANNABE DICTATOR” who has had his “POLITICAL RIVAL ARRESTED.”

Clearly, Fox wants to convince Republicans that they are in the midst of some kind of coup attempt — an incredibly reckless gambit given conservative voters’ demonstrated penchant for political violence.

The reality, of course, is that Joe Biden is not responsible for the indictment. Trump is. If Trump had not broken the law by stealing classified documents and then been caught bragging about breaking the law on tape, there would be no charges.

The only person to blame here is Donald Trump, a lifelong shameless criminal.

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The left was forewarned by a journalism professor that by responding to the statement “Wannabe dictator,” they were helping to spread it further.

A Twitter user who says he is “anti fascist” ironically wrote:

“Fox News is attempting to foment open violence with a chyron like this.This is as bold as any authoritarian government attempting to weaponize reality and create the conditions for at scale violence against a perceived enemy. In this case the enemy is democratic norms and society.”

Right-leaning people believed the Fox chyron was humorous and accurate.

“Fox News calls Biden a ‘WANNABE DICTATOR’ in chyron below,” posted on Twitter user.

It was probably an error or oddity rather than a larger statement from Fox. It could have been intended for Sean Hannity’s program. It seems more in line with his type of reporting. Or someone could have just been having fun. The PBS ones seemed to be deliberate, though.

Fox is now looking into what went wrong. We thank them for the awesome humor and the melting down of the lefties.


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