Leftists Lose Their Minds Over What They Spotted On Trump’s Hand

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While greeting his supporters, Donald Trump displayed peculiar red patches on his right hand, which subsequently led to a multitude of comical conspiracy theories circulating on the internet.

DailyMail.com observed him departing Trump Tower early on Wednesday morning with enigmatic crimson lacerations on his hand – following his appearance in a snowstorm to address supporters alongside former 2024 GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Trump was his route to the court, where his accuser E. Jean Carroll was giving testimony in her second federal civil lawsuit against him. During her testimony, she informed the jury that Trump severely damaged her character by falsely accusing her of sexual assault and labeling her as mentally unstable.

However, online users were mostly preoccupied with speculating about the origin of the red stains on Trump’s fingers and palms, generating many theories.

Observing the orange tint of his facial complexion, one individual speculated that the peculiar markings on his hands were likely the result of ‘the artificial tan fading.’

Another individual made a jesting remark, stating: ‘There is an overabundance of jelly doughnuts.’

Some individuals speculated that the crimson residue on his hands could be attributed to the red ink seen on classified documents, whilst online users made jests about him scorching his hands while attempting to style his hair prior to the court appearance on Wednesday morning.

Online speculation arose on whether the physical ailment exhibited by Trump could be indicative of his anxiousness or a genuine medical condition, given his busy schedule.

One individual commented on Trump’s red splotches, suggesting that they could be a manifestation of anxiety-induced skin picking. Another person raised the possibility of arthritis.

Speculations arose that the ex-president had recently consumed a meal accompanied by ketchup or tomato sauce, resulting in his fingers being coated with remnants of the food.

Some speculated that the red spots might be blisters, potentially produced by his usage of new golf clubs or engaging in other hobbies that involve a lot of friction.

Trump was in Iowa on Monday for the caucaus – where he came out as the Republican winner. But temperatures in the Midwest were freezing, leading some people to believe that frostbite may be the reason for his redness.

One person wrote: ‘Didn’t someone say he got some frostbite over the weekend in Iowa? If so, that looks like healing lesions from it.

‘I think they open up the blisters so they can dry out and heal faster.’

Another person joked: ‘Blisters from working hard for the American people.’

And after seeing his fingers this morning, others jested that maybe he was doing housework and got destracted: ‘Did somebody phone him while he was ironing?’

But people on X were quick to point out that Trump wouldn’t be doing any manual labor himself – and with no pets, it wouldn’t be a bite from a puppy or a kitten.

Trump, therefore, may have got the red hand marks from ‘compulsive handwashing during the winter,’ one savvy person online theorized.

Others joked that he got blisters ‘from holding the bronzer applicator too hard’ – another reference to his orange hued face.

During the court proceedings, Judge Lewis Kaplan instructed Alina Habba, the lawyer representing Trump, to cease speaking after dismissing her request to postpone the trial in order for the ex-president to be present at his mother-in-law’s funeral.

The current trial pertains to further statements made by Trump during his presidency, following the initial jury’s determination that he sexually assaulted Carroll in the 1990s and subsequently defamed her in 2022.

Trump, who is managing court appearances alongside campaign rallies as he maintains his position as the frontrunner in the Republican field for this year’s presidential race, participated in the process of selecting jurors on Tuesday.

Trump’s lawyer said that Carroll’s fame has increased significantly and that she is accusing him of being responsible for ‘a few derogatory messages from Twitter users.’

Meanwhile, Trump asserted on social media Tuesday that the case was really a concoction of falsehoods and political trickery, designed to bring his accuser financial gain and public recognition.

A message on his Truth Social site stated, “I am the sole individual harmed by this attempted act of extortion.”

However, Carroll, a columnist who provides guidance and a writer for magazines, has expressed that Trump caused her significant emotional distress. Initially, she alleges that he coerced her into a sexual encounter in a changing room following an unexpected encounter at an upscale retail establishment in 1996.

Subsequently, he openly criticized her integrity, her intentions, and even questioned her mental stability following her public disclosure in a memoir published in 2019.

‘He consistently accused me of dishonesty, which has severely damaged my reputation.’ I work as a journalist. ‘The paramount necessity for me is to earn the trust of the readers,’ she declared during her testimony in April during the inaugural trial. ‘I am no longer trusted.’

Carroll asserts that she experienced a significant decline in readership and lost her longstanding position at Elle Magazine, where her advice column ‘Ask E. Jean’ had been published for more than 25 years, due to her accusations and Trump’s response to them.


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