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For the first time in history, a former president of the United States has been federally indicted.

Below is a running list of all the updates as they come in. Stay tuned here to stay on top of this historically tragic moment and utter abuse of our justice system.

      • Two sources confirmed to NBC News that a federal grand jury has indicted former president Donald Trump in connection with his handling of more than 100 secret papers.
      • According to his lawyer and another source, Trump, who first made the announcement earlier on Thursday in a post on his Truth Social platform, is facing seven counts of indictment.
      • According to people familiar with the investigation, a federal grand jury is currently deliberating in Florida as part of special counsel Jack Smith’s inquiry into Trump’s handling of sensitive information.
      • According to a source, longtime Trump adviser Taylor Budowich was questioned by the grand jury yesterday over a previous public statement made by Trump claiming that the former president had not kept any classified records.
      • The grand jury in Florida is distinct from the Washington, D.C., panel.
      • When the National Archives notified the FBI that 184 secret government documents had been returned by Trump after he had been out of office for roughly a year, the inquiry got underway.

    Trump has denied any wrongdoing.


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