LOCK THEM UP: FBI Verified Authenticity of Hunter’s Laptop in Nov. ‘19 – Then 51 Top Intel Agents Lied to Americans

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The interview with Gary Shapley, Jr. that took place on May 26, 2023, was just recently made public by the House Ways and Means Committee.

This tidbit was mentioned in the report by the committee:

In October 2019, the FBI became aware that a repair shop had a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden and that the laptop might contain evidence of a crime. The FBI verified its authenticity in November of 2019 by matching the device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID.

This is a screen grab from page 12 of the report:


In November 2019, the FBI and others of the intelligence community were aware that the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was genuine and included information relating to hundreds of international crimes that included Joe Biden, Hunter’s father.

They were fully aware of this in November of 2019, yet Chris Wray and the FBI intentionally had NOTHING to say about it.

Then, during the second presidential debate in 2020, Joe Biden and hack reporter Kristen Welker joined forces to attack President Donald Trump’s position.

Welker was in the middle of delivering his rebuttal to the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell issue when he was cut off by Joe Biden at one point. Joe Biden informed the audience that fifty chiefs in intelligence agencies had signed a letter claiming that the laptop contained “Russian propaganda.”

The 51 spies who lied openly to the American public.

The heads of intelligence all lied. They were aware it was a fabrication. Joe Biden knew it was a lie. The media were aware that this was a fabrication.

This elaborate falsehood was orchestrated by the Biden campaign along with current Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

The laptop existed, and EACH AND EVERY INTEL ‘EXPERT’ who signed that letter was aware that it did.

There were sixty dishonest intelligence personnel who misled to the American people about the Hunter Biden laptop being a Russian disinformation operation. Nine of these dishonest intelligence officers declined to publicly reveal their names.

Because they spread such a blatant political lie in an attempt to sway the results of the presidential election, these sixty individuals ought to be exposed, compelled to testify, and put behind bars.

It is imperative that justice be done!


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