Major Development In Trump’s VP Pick

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Online sleuths have discovered evidence of a website domain that would suggest former President Donald Trump has already selected his vice presidential running mate selection, much to the dismay of his followers who are waiting impatiently for his announcement.

On Thursday, users of X discovered a URL connecting the former president to Doug Burgum, the well-liked governor of North Dakota and previous Republican contender for the presidency who funded his own campaign until it ended in late 2017. The amiable, sincere governor of the Midwest has received praise for presenting the MAGA brand in a way that supporters of Trump believe will appeal to important voters, particularly suburban women, whom he may find difficult to win over in November. The American Conservation Coalition’s Philip Reichert was the first to notice that President Trump’s primary campaign page may be accessed through, which is now operational.


John William Schiffbauer, a Republican political operative, quickly pointed out that “none of the other three vetted Veep domains redirects, nor TrumpVance, TrumpScott, TrumpRubio, Trump Stefanik,” all of which are allusions to other Republicans who are rumored to be in the running for the second position.

Reichert went on to say that those domains are still reserved, so if the nominee turns out to be someone other than Burgum, another might be activated at any time.

As to the domain registration data tracking website ICANN, was registered in September 2023 by an Icelandic developer. Such a move is frequently referred to as domain parking, or the purposeful purchase of a URL that will subsequently become popular, if the creator is unaware of Trump’s selection. If a company or large campaign needs a specific URL, they can discreetly buy it from the owner. A similar issue befell Facebook when it changed its name to Meta in 2021; regrettably, the new name clashed with an already-existing company and domain,

But it’s possible that President Trump has selected Governor Burgum after all. It’s possible that was previously purchased, and the name pointed to Trump’s webpage ahead of a potential announcement before the Republican National Convention next month. Burgum will cheer Trump on, as he has done both outside of Trump’s Manhattan trial and during his campaign stumping in several battleground states. The event will primarily be a coronation of Trump.

The governor of North Dakota has recently benefited from vacillations in the vice presidential field, but Trump’s supporters are quick to point out that other candidates are still in the running. As Trump continues to wage war against Jack Smith in his Florida-based trial over sensitive documents, insiders believe the president is still impressed with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for his outspoken defense, according to The Hill. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is still a viable candidate for Trump to better connect with suburban moms and women. She rose to national prominence by holding Ivy League presidents responsible for antisemitism on campus.

According to ABC News, the Trump team has requested background checks from several well-known Republicans in recent days. This is usually the first step in thoroughly screening a candidate before giving them significant consideration. The escalation shows who is currently in and out of favor with the unpredictable leader. The Republican senators J.D. Vance (R-OH) and Tim Scott (R-SC), the representative Byron Donalds (R-FL), and the neurosurgeon Ben Carson are also on the shortlist. An advisor to Trump stated that any idle speculation about who would lead the group is pointless and that he alone would make the final selection.


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