Mark Levin Asks One Question That Blows Hole In Trump Document Case

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Commentator and constitutional attorney Mark Levin delivered several vehement criticisms of the continued persecution of the former president Donald Trump on Fox, along with his personal indictment of the conduct of the case.

During appearances on the network on Thursday and Friday, Levin emphasized the participation of political prejudice, abuse of the legal system, and an unprecedented attack on a former president.

He emphasized the possible seriousness of the implications facing Trump as he began his remarks yesterday. He claimed the activities of “bandits in the White House by the Democrat Party that don’t play fair anymore” are what led to the indictment, describing it as a “disgusting mark on American history for the future.”

The present government is allegedly abusing the Department of Justice and the FBI to further their political goals, according to Levin, who also referred to Attorney General Merrick Garland as a “mob lawyer.” He claimed that the Democratic Party wanted one-party dictatorship and was using the legal system to achieve it.

According to Levin, the Presidential Records Act, which is the act under which Trump is supposedly being prosecuted, is not a criminal statute, nor was it ever intended to be one. Levin made this claim when he suggested that a misuse of the law might be at play in the case of Trump.

“What did he do with the documents? Did he sell them to the enemy? No! That’s why we have an Espionage Act, not the trick of a president. What did he do? Did he burn them all? No! The government has all the documents back.”


Then, on Friday, in another monologue on Martha MacCallum’s show, Levin ripped a huge hole in the case with one straightforward query: “Was anything destroyed?”


The allegations against Trump are predicated on a “document case,” in which the former President may spend a significant amount of time behind bars for problems with document retention. Is this some sort of cruel joke on the American people, Levin questioned the logic of this.

Many people have decried the use of legal technicalities in Trump’s prosecution. Levin concurred that the accusations made against the former president were fundamentally process crimes that had been exacerbated as a result of the politicization of the inquiry.

“The idea that this man is not under a criminal investigation and that they criminalized that damn document case to go after Donald Trump is sickening.”

Additionally, the attorney questioned the prosecutor’s handling of the case and accused him of weakening the nation by enlarging the legislation. Levin stressed that Merrick Garland, the attorney general, took the decision to indict Trump, and he suggested that it was done with the intention of meddling in the election.

In his remarks, Levin expresses his grave concern over what he perceives to be a politically motivated and unfair attack on a former president, contending that it is indicative of a troubling trend in American politics and the legal system. In his final statement, he issued a call to action, urging citizens to reject the misinformation spread by the media and to see the ongoing “war on Trump” as an assault on the Republican Party and, consequently, the Republic itself.


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