Megyn Kelly’s Done Being Quiet – Exposes Major Secret After Tucker’s Ouster

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Megyn Kelly, a SiriusXM podcaster, spoke with a former Fox News coworker on his Newsmax TV program on Wednesday night to assess the situation at their former company in the wake of the network’s decision to axe top star Tucker Carlson.

Speaking with Newsmax presenter Eric Bolling, Kelly seemed to reveal some insider information indicating that high management is experiencing ‘panic’ Following the Carlson ruling, Fox News lost its dominant position over all other cable news competitors.

“They’re terrified. They don’t know what to do,” she said to Bolling as several prime-time shows have lost more than a million viewers since Carlson’s dismissal and are now narrowly topping MSNBC or losing out to the far-left network while CNN stays firmly in third place.

“There was a day when they didn’t view digital as a threat and as a competitor,” she said. “That day is gone.”

Kelly added that Carlson might be the backbreaker if or when they let him out of his contract and that she has been banned by Fox News due to the network management’ growing dread of the streaming services.

“Fox won’t let any single personality come on my show … because they understand that we’re a threat,” she said, adding: “Fox is not the monopoly it used to be.”

“I don’t have to tell you that, given the ratings surge that you’re enjoying at the moment, and well deserved,” Kelly told Bolling. “So, they can’t let him go because he’s a threat to them.”

Carlson’s contract with Fox currently, according to reports, expires in January 2025, months after the November elections.

“What if Tucker went someplace and actually launched a live broadcast at [his previous timeslot]? They’d get seriously hurt even worse than they have,” she predicted.

“The ratings, my gosh. They’re terrible! We are four weeks post-Tucker’s termination in the anchor desk role at 8:00 p.m., and they are down 64% in the key advertising [demographic] … they’ve lost two-thirds of their younger audience and more than half of their older audience in the 8:00 p.m.,” Kelly added. “The boycott is working, and it’s continuing.”

“That’s not sustainable. Fox cannot allow that to go on,” she continued. “I don’t know what the solution is other than hiring Tucker back, which they’re definitely not going to do.”

“But the next best move would be to free him up, so at least you release some of the anger from among his core fans,” Kelly told Bolling.

Earlier this month, as the ratings were in a freefall following the departure of Carlson, Kelly insulted her former employer with a new moniker.

“My audience is calling them Foxweiser,” Kelly said, alluding to Bud Light’s sharp drop in sales as a result of their disastrous recent partnership with trans activist and biological man Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a woman.

She revealed more worrying information about Fox’s ratings fall at the time, saying that the network only had “about a third of their audience left.”

“I mean, that’s stunning,” she added.

The network’s primary revenue source, primetime programming, has been severely impacted by the ratings decrease. “Almost 40%, down 39%, in the 10 p.m…. down 24% in the demo, down almost 20% in the total, and I could go on,” Kelly continued.

Additionally, she claimed that primetime programming at Fox News is, “all anyone gives a sh*t about over there at Fox News. Primetime pays the bills, period. They’re all down.”

Kelly referred to the declining Fox audience as “Bloodbath.” “Not even Bud Lite (which is currently giving away its beer in an effort to get people to pls please drink it) lost this much of its customer base.”


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