Michelle Obama Makes Startling Announcement About 2024

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Michelle Obama is whining that her concerns regarding the 2024 White House election cause her sleeplessness.

“I am terrified about what could possibly happen,” Michelle Obama, the woman who was never proud of America until her husband was president, expressed in an interview on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast, which was published on Monday.

“Because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit — it affects us in ways that sometimes I think people take for granted.” When questioned about her greatest worries that cause her sleepless nights, she highlighted this issue.

“The fact that people think that government, does it really even do anything? And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, does government do everything for us.’ And we cannot take this democracy for granted. And sometimes I worry that we do,” stated Michelle.

“Those are the things that keep me up,” she said, while also listing wars “in too many regions,” the trajectory of AI in our lives, the state of education, the extent to which the public is excessively attached to their phones, and the level of voter participation as her primary concerns.

During the extensive discussion, Shetty inquired about the renowned statement made by the ex-first lady at the 2016 Democratic National Convention: “When they go low, we go high,” and how it has developed over time.

“If anything, what does still offend you?” The life coach and podcaster inquired.

Michelle Obama answered, “Injustice, ego, greed. Racism, ignorance — it’s offensive. And I’ve always been that kid. I don’t like unfairness; I don’t like bullies. But I have to think about how I deliver messages.”

“Still, even in my pain and my anger and my disappointment,” she added.

Her remarks arise in the midst of reported apprehensions expressed by former President Obama on the potential danger that former President Trump may pose if he were to regain the presidency and return to the White House. Trump is presently on track to easily secure the 2024 GOP White House candidacy.

Michelle Obama indirectly criticized Trump without explicitly saying his name.

“The tone and tenor of the message matters. We can’t just say what the first thing that comes to our minds,” she exhorted.

“That is not authenticity to me. That’s childish, and we see childish leadership right before us — what that looks like and how that feels, where somebody is just base, and vulgar and cynical in a leadership position,” she said to Shetty.

“It doesn’t trickle down well. That just begets more of that,” she went on.

“I think we are obligated to model, for those of us that have a platform, because it resonates,” she continued.

“And I want to resonate good. I want to resonate reason, and compassion and empathy,” Obama’s wife concluded. 


The discourse around the hypothetical presidential candidacy of Michelle Obama in 2024 often overlooks a significant aspect of her political career, namely her contentious relationship with the black community in Chicago.

Michelle’s experiences commenced with her decision to distance herself from educational institutions predominantly attended by African American students during her childhood.

This pattern persisted as she engaged in actions that were detrimental to the welfare of the black community throughout her professional endeavors.

Unsurprisingly, Michelle Obama did not make any reference to her controversial conduct towards the African American community in Chicago within her two recent autobiographical works, namely Becoming and The Light We Carry.

Conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert says it is arguable that Donald Trump should indeed do so. If Michelle Obama were to secure the nomination as the Democratic candidate for the 2024 presidential election, there are four inquiries that President Trump may potentially employ to scrutinize her candidacy says Gilbert:

Why did you and your brother Craig run away from the all-black schools just down the street to study with whites?

Why did you force 20,000 black people out of their homes while working for the white liberal mayor of Chicago?

How many millions did you make helping white liberals deny the black community access to first rate health at the University of Chicago Medical Center?

Michelle Obama, will you apologize to the black community for what you did to them in Chicago?

Gilbert goes on to say that in order to facilitate the Trump team’s opposition research efforts, they should direct their attention towards his recently released video and its accompanying book, both titled “Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power.” In summary, the following paraphrases of Gilbert’s assertions provide a concise overview of the responses to the aforementioned questions.

1. Fraser and Marian Robinson, the parents of Michelle, engaged in the unauthorized act of enrolling “their children in an elementary school” located outside their designated district. This decision was made with the intention of circumventing the potential influx of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, colloquially referred to as “project kids,” who might enroll in the recently established John Foster Dulles elementary school, which happened to be in close proximity to their residence in Parkway Gardens. The selected educational institution, Bryn Mawr Elementary School in South Shore, derived advantages from its location in a “transitional neighborhood” that had a significant Jewish population. After a span of two years, the Robinson family relocated to the South Shore region.

2. At the juncture when Craig and Michelle reached the stage of transitioning to high school, the adjacent South Shore High School had become exclusively attended by African American students. The Robinson children were unwilling to proceed to that location. Michelle had experienced bullying from Black females in her community due to her manner of speaking and behavior, which was perceived as aligning with white cultural norms. This mistreatment began when the Robinson family initially relocated to the South Shore area. In her memoir Becoming, Michelle Obama recounts an incident involving a physical altercation she engaged in with a female individual who persistently referred to her as a “Oreo,” a derogatory term implying a black individual with white cultural attributes. The aforementioned statement was a significant affront, yet it resonated with Michelle on a profound level. Michelle did not have any pals who were African American. Despite not being Catholic herself, Marian accepted a job in order to financially support Craig’s attendance at a predominantly white Catholic high school. Michelle, on the other hand, opted to commute for over an hour via “bus to a magnet school” located downtown, as a means of circumventing enrollment at the predominantly African American South Shore high school situated merely one block away from their residence.


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