Michelle Obama Rocked By Murder-For-Hire Scheme

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The ex-husband of a prominent art dealer who frequented the same social circles as former first lady Michelle Obama is being extradited to Brazil in relation to the murder, which occurred more than three months ago.

According to the New York Post, Daniel Garcia Carrera, 53, is suspected of being involved in a murder-for-hire plot that resulted in the stabbing death of Brent Sikkema, 75, on January 15.

Just before Sikkema was scheduled to return to the United States, there was a murder.

Brazil needs to formally request Garcia Carrera’s extradition from US authorities. On June 3, there will be a hearing about the extradition request.

Garcia Carrera was arrested by FBI on March 20 in New York City, according to the New York Post.

He was considered a suspect in Sikkema’s death at the time.

Additionally, the FBI claimed that Garcia Carrera intended to depart the nation with 13-year-old Lucas Sikkema, whom Garcia Carrera and Sikkema were raising as their son.

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Although Brent Sikkema and Garcia Carrera had been together for fifteen years, they were at the time of Sikkema’s death embroiled in a contentious custody dispute over the teenager.

Garcia Carrera was allegedly preparing to escape to his home Cuba, according to the authorities.

According to court documents, Garcia Carrera was freed on a $1 million bond but was also mandated to wear an ankle monitor.

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According to a story in The New York Times, at the time of Sikkema’s murder, $40,000 had been taken from his Brazilian residence.

Later, Alejandro Triana Prevez was taken into custody after it was shown through security tape that he was in the house when Sikkema passed away.

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Prevez’s lawyer, Gregorio Andrade, stated that Prevez has claimed Garcia Carrera offered him $200,000 to carry out the murder.

“He manipulated my client,” Andrade said.

Garcia Carrera’s lawyer, Fabiana Marques, stated that her client is innocent.

“It’s important to note that Daniel was not given an opportunity to be heard by police, despite proactively offering himself for questioning via email,” she said.



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