Mike Lindell Owned Kimmel So Epically, Jimmy Had to Use a “Laugh Track” to Save Face

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The ratings are in for Mike Lindell’s appearance on mainstream media’s favorite late-night programming Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

The left believes that Lindell was properly humiliated for talking about Freedom and Liberty and the Right thinks that Lindell is a Liberty and Freedom warrior.

Check out what the  radical leftists at the Daily Beast reported:

“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell made his triumphant return to Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night comedy program on Tuesday evening.

But given that he appeared from within the confines of an arcade claw machine, it was ultimately even more demoralizing than the first time around.

“To help him overcome his debilitating fear of machines, we have installed him inside a claw machine,” Kimmel quipped as he opened the segment. “I don’t know why I decided you should be in there,” he added before stating he was surprised that Lindell took him up on the unique offer, despite Lindell earlier claiming it was due to his unvaccinated status.

The jokes at Lindell’s expense only kept rolling from there as Kimmel wondered aloud why people don’t take him seriously.

The late-night host asked Lindell why he only came away with four Republican National Committee votes despite for months touting he was “ahead of every single poll” to become the new chairperson of the influential Republican Party operation.

“Do you believe this was a rigged election, too?” Kimmel asked.

Lindell responded that he didn’t believe such was the case, stating “‘cause there [were] no machines involved,” which led to Kimmel quipping: “So you would have lost either way, is what you’re saying?”

“You distrust machines,” Kimmel continued, before asking: “Does that extend to sewing machines…what about ice machines?”

“What type of dark magic is at play,” Adomian yelled in shock when he saw the real-life Lindell inside the claw machine. “Don’t worry you, you sweet boy, I got a pillowcase full of quarters right here!”

The left and the right do not share the same sense of humor… obviously. Reactions from Lindell supporters were totally different:

“So, the Jimmy Kibble & Bits show mocked non-vaxed Mike Lindell in a grab machine, as reported. The whole audience is required to have the Death Jab and Boosted. So, the whole audience is laughing in the face of death. If they only knew,” one Twitter poster wrote in reaction.

“Most I’ve ever watched Kimmel. Mike did well … some are laughing at him, but others will hear things to reinforce their hunch … that something’s terribly wrong with our elections,” another Twitter poster wrote.

Many people noticed that Lindell was being mocked.

Lindell had commented, prior to his appearance, that he was prepared to be mocked and he was OK with that:

“I am going on Jimmy Kimmel tonight! I know I will be attacked but we have to get rid of the voting machines and I am willing to be humiliated to help get the word out and save our country!” Lindell wrote.

And the show started out with great humor:

“Mike Lindell can’t stop laughing after Jimmy Kimmel surprises him with a My Pillow doppelgänger while TRAPPED in a claw machine— What happened next SHOCKED the lib host, audience,” Benny Johnson posted adding a link. 

One Independent news outlet reacted very positively to Lindell:

Wayne Dupree slammed Kimmel for using a laugh track.

“Mike Lindell is not only a good sport, he’s fearless, and he knows what it takes to keep his name out there while the entire media complex, and left-wing mob tries to cancel him and ruin his life. So, Mike accepted the invitation to go on failed and disgraced Jimmy Kimmel’s low-rated late night talk show, and while he was there, Lindell shined like a 200 carat diamond. And he made a mockery of Jimmy, by out-classing him, and being so much funnier. As a matter of fact, it got so bad for Jimmy, that he had to install a painfully obvious laugh track to save face.

Way to go, Mike!” Dupree reported.

Watch @realMikeLindell outclass and out-funny Jimmy Kimmel like a boss,” Emerald Robinson (@EmeraldRobinson) posted on Twitter on February 1, 2023.

The outlet went on with more details:

Jimmy Kimmel has Stage 5 TDS. It’s no wonder that Greg Gutfeld is beating him, and the rest of the late night losers. Breitbart reported that Greg Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! is the King of Late Night. Last month, he humiliated a competition that has access not only to more households, but to the biggest celebrities in the world. No one who wants to keep working in the fascist entertainment industry would dare appear on Gutfeld! The blacklisting would be immediate and fatal — even though appearing on Gutfeld! means you would reach hundreds of thousands more customers.

Last week’s ratings news was especially humiliating for anyone not named Gutfeld and most especially humiliating for Jimmy Kimmel, who can now be accurately described as ratings poison.

During the week of August 29, Gutfeld averaged 2.124 million total viewers. The insufferable Stephen Colbert on CBS came in second with only 1.315 million viewers. Third place was the faltering Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s once unstoppable Tonight Show with only 1.183 million viewers. Fourth place was NOT Jimmy Kimmel. Nope, it was the 11th Hour on MSNBC with 1.180 million viewers. Fifth place was NOT Jimmy Kimmel. Nope, it was Fox News @ Night with 1.053 million viewers.

“Ouch. Well, the people have spoken, and the TDS late night crew are the losers,” Dupree reported, adding.


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