Mother of Nashville School Shooter Was Gun Control Activist – Kept Guns Out of Schools

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Tragic details of the monstrous Nashville shooter’s lifestyle are emerging, like being raised in a controlling and dominating environment with a social justice activist parent who had attitudes about which American citizens are allowed to protect themselves, their families, and American schools full of captive and unprotected young children.

“Guns for me but not for thee” is a flippant way to describe the mindset of the left, exposing the real agenda of most ‘anti-gun’ activists, and it is the case is so true in the most horrifying, tragic and senseless mass shooting that has happened.

In general, the anti-gun movement creates a lot of political theater and bread and circuses with protests, riots, and grassroots marketing with performance art. The movement has many nonprofits and Non-Government Organizations who claim they will impact public policy on gun ownership- but they really never do anything.

“Despite some public support for tighter laws, campaigners have failed to influence federal policy,” left-leaning The Economist reported recently, adding:

“In the 20th century the gun lobby linked firearm ownership to personal responsibility and good citizenship. The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) publications and training courses—which enroll over 1m participants a year—claim that Second-Amendment rights are under threat.

The gun-control lobby lacked a similarly compelling identity, at least until it coalesced around school shootings. Massacres at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012 and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida in 2018 were particular spurs. Survivors and victims’ relatives formed pressure groups.

Across the country, parents joined local chapters. Framing the issue as one of child protection gave it broad appeal. Funds poured in from donors, including Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire. But the gun lobby’s war chest still dwarfs those funds: in 2016, the NRA and three other big groups had almost five times as much cash as the six largest gun-control organizations.

Firearm owners are twice as likely as non-owners to petition their congressmen and nearly five times as likely to donate to candidates or groups that share their views on guns, according to Pew Research Centre, a think-tank.”

In general- gun control is not all that popular in the United States, but pressure groups use deceitful tactics to scare people and cause confusion, anger, and fighting- to get their way, and they also leave innocent people helpless and unprotected from mentally ill people.

Here is something that will make the latest shooting tragedy all that much worse.

The mother of the transgender Nashville school shooter, who, according to police statements, knew her daughter had guns and weapons, feverishly campaigned for gun control- including in schools.

Cullen Lineberger reported for The Gateway Pundit about the sickening irony that led up to the Nashville School shooting this week, writing:”Take a look at these Facebook posts calling for gun restrictions. One would be surprised if her daughter, Audrey Hale, did not share the same views”, citing a New York Post and Daily Mail reports about the mother’s anti-gun rants:

The New York Post reported:

The mother of the Nashville school shooter who killed six people – including three 9-year-olds – appeared to be a gun control activist who once urged friends on Facebook to sign a petition calling to keep firearms out of schools.

“So important!” Norma Hale wrote in a March 8, 2018, Facebook post as she shared the petition that stated “Keep Guns Out of School” that appeared to be from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.

The web page’s domain to the petition did not appear to exist anymore.

In another post from Feb. 21, 2018, Hale shared another petition from Sandy Hook Promise urging lawmakers to “Make Large-Capacity Gun Magazines Illegal.”

And because of that sort of activism, schools struggle to provide proper safety protocols for schools and are left waiting for police while lunatics with guns murder children and staff.

And her momma’s activism didn’t stop Hale from murdering innocent people, while armed with multiple guns.

Nashville police said that Hale, a former student at Covenant School, arrived at the campus in a Honda fit and was armed with three guns. These weapons were two AR-style weapons and a pistol.

Surveillance footage shows Hale holding a rifle and wearing camo pants and a red cap as she enters the building.

Metro Nashville police revealed Monday afternoon Hale had a detailed manifesto and a map drawn out.

The victims of the Nashville school shooting were three nine-year-old children; Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney — and three adult staff members; substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, 61, head of school Katherine Koonce, 60, and custodian Mike Hill, 61.

MNPD Police Chief John Drake told NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt that Hale “had some resentment” for having to go to The Covenant School.”

Perhaps she had some resentment from being raised by a parent who had bought into the very Marxist indoctrination that has been brainwashing our country’s youth for decades and bombarding them with a crazy agenda- telling them that they don’t know who they are, they should hate their parents and their country, they should resent God and freedom, and they should be turned inside out- upside down and backward- for the pleasure of dying in a heap on the group as a foot solider for the left.

That is some sort of “social justice”.


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