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Mark Levin, an author and host of television and radio programs, joined Hannity on Thursday night to discuss the reports that President Trump had been charged with obstruction of justice and the Record’s Act. All of this happened as the Department of Justice ignored the illegally obtained sensitive materials that Joe Biden had kept in his residences, offices, and unlocked garage dating back to 1974.

The host of Fox News criticized Democrats, the Biden administration, and the Department of Justice for charging seven counts against Trump for allegedly handling sensitive information improperly.

“President Trump is 76 years old. If the Department of Justice gets its way, he will die in federal prison. Just by one of these counts: conspiracy to obstruct justice, which has a 20-year maximum sentence,” Levin said while appearing on Hannity. “This is a disgusting, disgusting mark on American history for the future to come by these bandits in the White House, by the Democrat Party that don’t play fair anymore. They don’t want to just win elections. They want to take control of this country. They want one-party rule.”

Levin pointed out that when Attorney General Merrick Garland personally selected special counsel Jack Smith to look into Trump, he created the conditions for the indictment.

“He made the decision to indict the former president, and they made the decision to interfere in this election,” Levin said, raising his voice while referencing Garland and the Democrats. “You want to talk about an insurrection? This is an insurrection. And that’s exactly what is going on here.”


President Joe Biden’s role in the indictment of Donald Trump was also assailed by the host of Life, Liberty & Levin, who questioned whether it was “some kind of sick joke on the American people?”

“Joe Biden says he never told them what to do. Joe Biden had to sign off on this becoming a National Archives case to have it go to the Department of Justice. Who does he think he’s lying to? The American people?” Levin said. “This is a guy that’s got documents from the time he was in the U.S. Senate, for God’s sakes, in his garage.”

“There is no law. What’s going on here is a disgusting disgrace. It is war on Trump. It is war on the Republican Party. It is a war on the republic,” he said. “The radical Left is doing what the radical Left does while they cover up for Biden, the way they covered up for Hillary.”

Levin drew attention to the injustice by claiming that the DOJ had been used as a weapon against Trump.

“If Donald Trump is to be charged like this, Hillary Clinton should have been charged with 10,000 counts of obstruction because that’s how many emails she destroyed. And five counts of destroying cellphones because that’s how many cellphones they destroyed,” Levin said. “I’m done and I am sick of it!”

The Department of Justice has not yet disclosed the charges that will be brought against the previous president or made the indictment public. Trump is required to appear at the federal courthouse in the United States District Court in Miami on Tuesday at three o’clock in the afternoon.


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