Mysterious Markings Seen On Biden’s While Leaving WH Causes Alarm

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On Wednesday, June 28th, eighty-year-old Joe Biden was caught exiting the White House with absurd markings on his face. Observers were instantly interested in such markings, and speculation arose until Mike Bloomberg, a former presidential candidate, reporters Jenny Leonard and Jennifer Jacobs spilled the beans on what these really meant.

As the journalists put it, Biden has begun to use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help him with his long-time sleep apnea, and the marks on his face were just the straps from the device.

On Twitter, Jacobs wrote: ​​Scoop: Biden has begun using a CPAP machine, per sources. The device is to treat longstanding sleep apnea, one of the people said. As Biden departed the White House this morning for Chicago, indentations from the CPAP straps could be seen on his face.

This CPAP machine, which serves as a very common treatment for sleep apnea, functions by constantly flowing pressurized air to the user’s throat through a mask to prevent the throat from collapsing. This collapse causes the usual breathing pauses of sleep apnea. This device consists of a mask that sits overtop the user’s nose and mouth, being held in place by tight straps.

Biden was on his way to give an economic address in Chicago when he was spotted leaving the White House on Wednesday with the very prominent marks of his sleep apnea ‘CPAP’ machine. Just like on Wednesday, very similar markings were also pointed out during a white house event on Monday, June 26th, in which President Joe Biden went through his plans to spend just about 42.5 billion dollars on the development of very fast networks. The National Institutes of Health says that using this CPAP machine can greatly increase the quality of sleep, and even reduce snoring.

On Wednesday, during his speech with the pronounced markings on his face, Biden introduced his pitch for his 2024 economic plan, nicknamed “Bidenomics”, he struggled to pronounce the simple word “concentrated”, slipping on his words multiple times before stopping in clear frustration.

So, instead he accidentally changed the word to “consecrated”, creating for a short moment of confusion during his own speech. After his brain fog on pronouncing such a simple word, Biden paused for a long moment before continuing his speech.

Fox News was even laughing at him, and fact-checked him in real time during his speech, which was full of partial truths and just blatant false statements. This mistake, however, was just one of the several controversial moments during his presentation.


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