NBA Player Writes ‘Trump Won’ On His Head For Nationally-Televised Game

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A former NBA player attended a charity basketball game wearing a sticker advertising his support for the right-wing.

In reference to rumors that President Trump truly won the 2020 election, Royce White, a first-round draft pick in 2012, showed up at a BIG3 basketball game in Brooklyn on Saturday with “Trump Won!” written across the left side of his shaved head. The event was broadcast nationally on CBS, which White undoubtedly knew would draw a lot of attention to his controversial stance.

The presidential campaign team didn’t waste any time in praising the gesture of support.

White has previously bragged about his conservative views and support for President Trump at events. In Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes “Squad” member Ilhan Omar, the power forward campaigned for office as a Republican but lost the primary.

White has openly discussed his generalized anxiety disorder and intense dread of flying, choosing to take the bus to games instead. Before joining the Canadian professional league in 2017 and then turning semiprofessional with the Big3 league, he took a break from professional basketball.

White stands out in the liberal basketball community as a contrarian since many sports celebrities these days are utilizing their platforms to further political agendas. He has denounced China for its Uyghur genocide and used his intellect to promote the idea that the United States has investigated “gain of function” research on the coronavirus to make it more lethal as a potential biological weapon.

Speaking out regarding the 2024 presidential election, White expressed support for a potential ticket that would include President Trump and Democratic vice presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He defended RFK’s claim that the country’s spy agencies were responsible for assassinating his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy, in a tweet.

The response to White’s stunt on Twitter was overwhelmingly favorable.

If President Trump wants to reach unexpected conservative fans who are more interested in the rough-and-tumble of sports than politics, he will undoubtedly rely on celebrity surrogates like White. Other well-known athletes, like basketball legend Dennis Rodman, golfer John Daly, ex-Bears coach Mike Ditka, and former basketball coach Bobby Knight, have all expressed support for the 45th president’s most recent bid for the White House.


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