New Details Just Released On Jeffrey Epstein’s Suspicious 2019 Death

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New information regarding the suspicious passing of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in 2019 has come to light thanks to a federal inquiry.

“Jeffrey Epstein was given extra linens in a Manhattan jail cell and authorities negligently failed to assign him a cellmate or take other precautions leading up to his death in 2019, according to a newly unveiled federal investigation,” Fox News reported.

“While finding flaws with the Bureau of Prisons and its staff members, the report also uncovered no evidence to contradict the designation of Epstein’s death as a suicide. The 128-page report found that there was both negligence and misconduct – which created an environment that allowed him to kill himself and deprive ‘his numerous victims, many of whom were underage girls at the time of the alleged crimes, of their ability to seek justice through the criminal justice process,’” the outlet added.

Fox News added further details on the findings: “The city’s medical examiner ruled his death a suicide, but there have been persistent questions for years surrounding the circumstances before and after his death, and even his ex-girlfriend and accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, has publicly stated that she thinks Epstein was killed. Roughly a month before his death in the jail’s Special Housing Unit, for high-profile prisoners, the disgraced financier’s former cellmate told guards that he’d tried to hang himself after they found him with an orange cloth wrapped around his neck.”

“Epstein first told MCC New York staff he thought his cellmate had tried to kill him, but later said he did not know what occurred and did not want to talk about how he had sustained his injuries,” according to the OIG report.

Epstein was under suicide watch for a day before being released.

“While the OIG determined MCC New York staff engaged in significant misconduct, we did not uncover evidence contradicting the FBI’s determination regarding the absence of criminality in connection with how Epstein died,” the OIG report reads. “We did not find, for example, evidence that anyone was present in the SHU area where Epstein was housed during the relevant timeframe other than the inmates who were locked in their assigned cells.”

The OIG investigation did discover “significant management and job performance failures on the part of BOP personnel and widespread disregard of BOP policies that are designed to ensure that inmates are safe, secure, and in good health.”

Fox News also said:

Other shortcomings included a faulty surveillance camera system in the wing, which had first malfunctioned on June 29. Against BOP policy, he was allowed to place an unmonitored phone call around 7 p.m. on Aug. 9, according to the report – contacting another woman after claiming he intended to speak with his mother.

That night, guards failed to complete multiple inmate head counts or perform regular rounds until 6:30 a.m. on Aug. 10, according to the OIG. Then they found Epstein hanging from his bunk in his cell.

His cellmate had been transferred out of MCC custody the evening prior, and the OIG report states that he was alone and unmonitored in his cell overnight.

The Justice Department was tasked earlier this month by a lawyer who is alleging that the FBI “utterly failed” to conduct a thorough investigation into Epstein.

In May, it was also made public that William Burns, the current director of the CIA under President Joe Biden, was one of a number of individuals who met the convicted pedophile more than once.

According to recent accounts, Epstein allegedly threatened Bill Gates after learning that the Microsoft co-founder had a relationship with a Russian bridge player while he was married to Melinda Gates.

The woman was in her 20s when the Microsoft co-founder first met her, sometime around 2010. Then, in 2013, Epstein met her and later helped pay for her participation at a software development school. According to people with knowledge of the situation, Epstein sent Gates an email in 2017 asking for repayment for the costs associated with the course, the outlet alleged.


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