New Video of Fetterman Shows He Is Unfit to Serve in Senate: ‘What a Freaking Joke!’

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Sen. John Fetterman’s mental health is once again in the spotlight after a video from a Senate hearing further demonstrated his unfitness for office.

The Pennsylvania Democrat checked himself into Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland earlier this year to receive treatment for signs of mental depression. He was released from the hospital last month.

He returned to his legislative responsibilities after leaving the hospital and continued as usual. He repeatedly displays, however, that he lacks the mental capacity to serve as a senator, despite his and the Democrats’ best attempts.

Tuesday’s Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing on the recent failure of the Silicon Valley Bank had the most embarrassing moment to yet.

When Fetterman was given the opportunity to interrogate the former CEO of the bank that is now insolvent, he instead made a slew of meandering, incomprehensible, and fragmented assertions.

In the video, Fetterman was clearly having trouble gathering his thoughts. He kept stumbling over his words, saying the same thing over and over, jumping from one disjointed thought to another.

By the time he finally asks a question, it will be nearly hard for the CEO to respond because the inquiry’s intent is unclear.

Naturally, many individuals responded by using Twitter to express how embarrassing this is. “What a friggin joke!” One Twitter user compared his rambling incoherence to the president’s gaffes. In the same league as the Bidens.

Others, on the other hand, adopted a more sober perspective on the situation, expressing their sadness over watching him struggle through the hearing and their hope that he receives the assistance he requires.

It’s difficult to watch this video. It depicts a man who is dealing with a genuine health problem that is seriously impairing his capacity to perform his job, both physically and emotionally.

This of course comes as Joe Biden was praised at Howard University for his “sound analytical intellect.” Democrats literally think morons are geniuses. Of course, they also think men can be women.

The university president, Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, spoke in praise of Biden. Frederick has accomplished a lot because he is now a doctor and even a cancer surgeon. By the age of 22, he had earned an M.D. He is not a frail individual. But everything he said about Biden was utter nonsense. No one could really accept this bunch of rubbish, so I almost believed he had to be teasing him.

Frederick praised Biden, calling him a “revered statesman,” a “committed champion of justice,” a “gracious guardian of humanity,” and a “noble patron of peace.”

“You stand in truth, power, integrity, and are blessed in the glory of God,” he said, dubbing him “number one in the global state.” He referred to Biden as a “magnificent commander in chief” who is “expertly leading America in making monumental innovations and passing legislation to improve the quality of life for all.” Biden, according to Frederick, “stood firm and focused in achieving productive results and significant solutions, born of a sincere desire to leave an awesome legacy for our beloved nation.”

He hilariously continued, “Admired for his sound analytical intellect, and open embrace of all, your popularity on both sides of the aisle of the United States, led to your illustrious reputation and outstanding service of 36 years as a Democratic senator from Delaware, beginning at the tender age of 29.”

A little over halfway through the accolades, you can see Biden move and smile, possibly barely unable to break out laughing because he knows that it’s all a bunch of BS. Good analytical skills? Both sides of the aisle’s support? Even the majority of Democrats didn’t want him to run again because he was never recognized for his intelligence; instead, he was known for his propensity for gaffes and plagiarism during the 1988 election. This is why the sales speech is so absurd. Those who support him don’t even think of him in such admiring terms.


In April, Fetterman chaired the Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. It was a complete disaster. Imagine this man being president. Idiot Democrats would vote for him for sure.

This man’s demanding job involves serving millions of individuals. By continuing in this position, which is obviously very taxing on him, the senator does a disservice not just to the people of Pennsylvania but also to himself.

Fetterman shouldn’t be performing this extremely important job; instead, he should be recovering from his sickness at home with his family. Politics are not at issue here; rather, a man’s bodily and emotional health are.

The problem will only get more severe if it is not resolved. Of course, Democrats don’t care, they just want a body in the Senate. They want power at any cost and will do anything to get it which is why they must be defeated in the streets and in the halls of power by any means necessary.


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