Newly Released Documents Show Members of the Obama Biden Team Sought to Sabotage the Incoming Trump Administration

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The unraveling of Joe Biden’s activities continues to accelerate and now more information dating back to the Obama administration is now being made public.

The Biden FBI and DOJ have been refusing to release documents that would reveal actions by the Obama/Biden administration that would reveal intentional actions on their part to throw stumbling blocks in the way of the incoming Republican administration in 2016.

But now documents have been released that connect the two recent Democrat federal administrations.

Last month James Comer, R-Ky, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, subpoenaed the FBI for the document, which he and Sen. Chuck Grassley stated, “describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then Vice-President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.”

The FBI at that time refused to provide the document. But now information has been revealed.

The Daily Signal obtained 217 pages of documents from the NSA through a Freedom of Information Act request. The documents reveal that Obama administration officials, from Vice President Joe Biden down to several ambassadors and many officials in the Treasury and Energy departments, gained access to secret information about Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President-elect Trump’s choice for national security adviser.

The newly released documents confirm what millions of Americans have felt was true: members of the Obama administration actively did what they could to sabotage the incoming Trump administration in 2016.

Although heavily redacted, the documents from the National Security Agency tell at least part of the story of a final-month rush by the outgoing Obama administration to torpedo the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.

Redacting key parts of documents has been a constant ploy of the Biden administration. When forced to release documents, the act of redacting information that would implicate administration officials is throwing even more suspicion on those involved. But enough information remains to implicate many that were in both Obama/Biden and Biden administrations.

People like General Flynn were targeted through the process of unmasking and more.

Three top Obama administration officials who gained access to the Flynn information are now high-ranking officials in the Biden administration. The Flynn-related requests from Obama administration officials were all made during late November and December of 2016. Obama’s ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, also gained access to information about Flynn, as did his top staff.

Denis McDonough, Obama’s chief of staff for his entire second term, is now secretary of veterans affairs under Biden. Samantha Power, Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, made numerous requests for information on Flynn. In the Biden administration, Power is the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

And Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, deputy secretary at Obama’s Energy Department, has been Biden’s homeland security adviser since he took office.

National security and law enforcement officials in the Obama administration—including FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and National Intelligence Director James Clapper would be expected to have access to the information.

NBC News reported:

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee emerged from a secure room on Capitol Hill, known as the SCIF, after having viewed the FD-1023 form brought in by the FBI, and they continued to accuse Biden and his family members of bribery and corruption.

Democratic members of the committee also viewed the document Thursday, but none opted to make public statements afterward.

On Thursday, two Republicans, Biggs and Luna are zeroing in on Christopher Wray.

Luna stated, “The director of the FBI wanted to play games, and he was trying to punk us by saying that he wasn’t going to allow members of House Oversight to see this document. So we’re not taking contempt of Congress off the table, to be clear. If they’re going to do that, he’s going to be dealt with accordingly.”

Comer stated on June 20:

“Today the FBI brought two unclassified FD-1023 forms that were heavily redacted to a secure facility to be reviewed. What is the FBI hiding from Congress? Americans have lost confidence in the FBI’s ability to enforce the law impartially and the FBI’s secrecy shows that they aren’t interested in regaining their trust. The FBI must provide unredacted copies of these records and answers about what investigative actions were taken to verify these serious bribery allegations against President Biden.”

Now, weeks later, the documents are revealed to be heavily redacted.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) notes that he has himself read the unredacted version of the document, and in a speech stated:

“It’s also important for asserting constitutional congressional oversight powers against an out-of-control Executive Branch drunk with political infection. Remember, Congress has received 1023s in the past and they’ve been made public. So asking for this 1023 to be turned over to the American people to be read is not unusual. Congress ower it to the American people and the brave and heroic whistleblowers to continue to fight for transparency in this matter and make this document public without unnecessary redactions.”


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