Nikki Haley Makes Major Announcement After Losing To Her Nemesis Trump

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Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina and former UN ambassador, delivered a noteworthy statement following her crushing defeat to Donald Trump on Super Tuesday.

At a news conference held in South Carolina on Wednesday morning, Haley declared her withdrawal from the 2024 contest.

Haley made it clear before Super Tuesday that she would finish the race.

She emerged victorious in the nation’s capital on Sunday in the Republican Party presidential primary.

With almost all of the ballots collected, Haley led Trump 63% to 33% in the Republican primary held in Washington, D.C., as reported by the Associated Press.

In every previous election that has been held thus far, Trump has triumphed handily, often winning by more than 70 points.

On social media, Haley’s campaign celebrated the victory by writing, “This makes Nikki Haley the first woman to win a Republican primary in U.S. history.”

The former governor of South Carolina has consistently pledged to stay in the race through Super Tuesday, despite Trump’s rapidly expanding lead.

The Trump Campaign released a statement saying, “Tonight’s results in Washington, D.C., reaffirm the object of President Trump’s campaign—he will drain the swamp and put America first.”

“While Nikki has been soundly rejected throughout the rest of America, she was just crowned Queen of the Swamp by the lobbyists and DC insiders who want to protect the failed status quo. The swamp has claimed their queen. President Trump will fight for every American who is being let down by these very DC insiders and devastated by Joe Biden’s failures,” the statement added.

Trump responded to Haley’s win in DC, posting on social media: “I purposely stayed away from the D.C. Vote because it is the ‘Swamp,’ with very few delegates, and no upside. Birdbrain spent all of her time, money and effort there. Over the weekend we won Missouri, Idaho, and Michigan – BIG NUMBERS – Complete destruction of a very weak opponent. The really big numbers will come on Super Tuesday. Also, WAY UP ON CROOKED JOE!”

“Birdbrain is a loser, record low performance in virtually every State,” Trump continued, noting that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “easily beat her” while he was still in the race.

“I enjoy watching the Bird disavow her PLEDGE to the RNC and her statement that she would NEVER run against President Trump (‘A great President’),” he added. “Well, she ran, she lied, and she LOST BIG!”

Haley had before seemed to renege on her promise to back the Republican nominee for 2024.

Haley made an attempt to assert that she signed the pledge in order to take part in the Republican primary debates during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday.

“As long as we are competitive, I’m going to continue to fight,” Haley said. “I don’t look too far ahead.”

“The RNC pledge,” she said. “I mean, at the time of the debate, we had to take it to where, ‘Would you support the nominee?’ And in order to get on that debate stage, you said yes. The RNC is now not the same RNC,” Haley said. “I think I’ll make what decision I want to make.”

“Let’s talk about Super Tuesday. If you wake up on Wednesday and you haven’t won anywhere, and that’s an if, would you then need to make the decision that it’s time to drop out of the race?” host Kristen Welker asked.

“I’ve always said this needs to be competitive. As long as we are competitive, as long as we are showing that there is a place for us, I’m going to continue to fight. That’s always been the case,” Haley said.

Welker asked, “Based on what you’re saying, Ambassador, are you prepared to stay in this through the convention? Is that your plan?”

Once more, Haley evaded the question by replying, “The people will show that they want me to go forward.” They’ll vote to reflect that.


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